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Card packs are the primary means of obtaining cards. Card packs may be purchased using in-game currency Resources, or gained as rewards in Events. A free pack may also be claimed at regular intervals.

Missing cards may be obtained by Crafting. Cards may not be traded between players.

Opening packs

Once acquired, a card pack may be opened at any time. Opening a card pack provides a fixed number of random cards, generally from the same card set. These opened cards may be new for the player, or already owned ("duplicates").

  • New cards are added to the player's collection, and may subsequently be added to Decks.
  • Duplicate cards are converted to runes ( ) and mana orb ( ) Resources.


Each card has a rarity of either Common ( ), Uncommon ( ), Rare ( ), Mythic ( ), or Masterpiece ( ). Progressively rarer cards are less likely to drop from packs, according to drop rates set by the publisher. Drop rates may change at any time.

Some rarities never drop from some pack types. Normally, cards of all rarity except Masterpiece can be obtained by Crafting. Masterpiece cards may only be crafted as a VIP bonus.

Pack types

Regular pack types

Pack type # cards Cost Notes Drops per 100 cards (typical)
C   U   R   M   MP  
Booster Pack 5 60   Five random cards 55 39 5 1.4 0.1
Super Pack 15 150   3 Booster packs
Premium Pack 26 300   5 Booster Packs plus a random rare
Free Pack 3 - Three random cards with poor drop rates 82 15 2 0.1 -
Elite Pack 1 400   A single non-dupe Mythic or better - - - 70 30
120   A single Rare or better - - 75 22 3

Unusual or obsolete pack types

Pack type # cards Cost Notes Drops per 100 cards (typical)
C   U   R   M   MP  
Basic Booster 3 - Three random cards with poor drop rates (awarded in some events) 73 23 3.6 0.4 0.02
Free Pack 1 - (Obsolete, replaced by 3-card Free Pack) One random card with poor drop rates 83 15 2 0.1 -
Fat Pack 20 200   4 Booster packs (Obsolete, replaced by Super Pack) 54 41 4 1 -
Big Box 71 600   14 Booster packs plus a random rare or mythic (Obsolete, replaced by Premium Pack)