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Elite packs




Elite Packs are high-value single-card packs which may be purchased for jewels ( ).

The contents of previously available Elite Packs are tracked on the wiki at Elite pack tracking.

Types of Elite Packs

Grade (cost)

Two grades of Elite Packs exist which differ in Jewel cost and drop rates.

Grade Cost Description Drops per 100 cards (typical)
Rare+ Elite Pack 120   Contains a Rare, Mythic, or Masterpiece card, which may be a duplicate. 75 22 3
Mythic+ Elite Pack 400   Contains a non-duplicate Mythic or Masterpiece card. 0 70 30

Card pool

Aside from the grade of the Elite Packs, there are also different Elite Pack Collections each drawing from a different card pool. Typically for each card set, several Elite Pack Collections exist containing a different subset of the cards in the card set.


  • A valuable card may be chased by saving jewels to repeatedly buy Mythic+ Elite Packs whose card pool contains the sought-after card. Since Mythic+ packs provide non-duplicate cards, eventually you are sure to acquire the card you are chasing.
  • By crafting all the Mythic cards in an Elite Pack using Orbs ( ), Mythic+ Elite Packs drop guaranteed non-duplicate Masterpiece cards.