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[[Category:Set data templates]]
[[Category:Set data templates]]
</noinclude><includeonly>{{p{{{1}}}|Daxos vs Kalemne|ODY|23|Mar 2020|4.1||Experience|34|0|0|22|12|0|18|11|5}}</includeonly>
</noinclude><includeonly>{{p{{{1}}}|Daxos vs Kalemne|DvK|23|Mar 2020|4.1||Experience|34|0|0|22|12|0|18|11|5}}</includeonly>

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Daxos vs Kalemne (DvK)
Released Mar 2020 (version 4.1)
Release notes
Format Standard
ODY ODY    ←    DvK DvK
Mar 2020              Mar 2020
Set mechanics Experience
Cards 34
Creatures18 · Spells11 · Supports5
Common0 · Uncommon0 · Rare22 · Mythic12 · Masterpiece0
Portal:Cards   (Infobox · Data)

Card set data for use in templates.

For documentation, see Template:Card_set_data.

Example output (when used in Template:Infobox set):