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|A Timeless Voyage|ATV|pvp,standard,coalition
|A Timeless Voyage|ATV|pvp,standard,coalition
|July 2020|4.4|M21|ATimelessVoyage.png|20|20||3}}</includeonly>
|July 2020|4.4|M21|ATimelessVoyage.png|20|20|}}</includeonly>

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A Timeless Voyage (ATV)
Type PvP Standard PvP Standard
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Placement rewards Individual placement
Coalition rewards Coalition placement
Nodes 2
Charges 2 initial charges
6 maximum charges
8h recharge time
Specials Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Core Set 2021 M21 · July 2020 · v4.4
Portal:Events   (Infobox · Data)

Event data for use in templates.

For documentation, see Template:Event data.

Example output (when used in Template:Infobox event):