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     -->14|<!--                          Size
     -->{{Event data: {{{1}}}|1}}|<!--  Link
     -->{{Event data: {{{1}}}|1}}|<!--  Link
     -->{{Trim|{{{1}}}}} ({{Color expand|{{{4}}}}}){{#if:{{{5|}}}|&nbsp;· Start: {{{5}}} UTC}}|<!-- Tooltip
     -->{{Trim|{{{1}}}}} ({{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{3}}}|{{Color expand|{{{4}}}}}}}){{#if:{{{5|}}}|&nbsp;· Start: {{{5}}} UTC}}|<!-- Tooltip
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     -->sep=<!--                        No spacing
-->|<!--                OTHERWISE display content and link via [[link]] and tooltip via <span>
-->|<!--                ELSE display content and link via [[link]] and tooltip via <span>

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Three templates work together to create a weekly event schedule, starting on a Sunday:

This template formats a single cell in a Schedule week row, representing a single instance of an event running over one or more days. There are two mandatory parameters and one optional parameter:

  • The first parameter is the full name of the event.
  • The second parameter is the number of columns (days) spanned by the event.
  • The third parameter (optional) is further optional details about the version of the event being run. For example, for a HoD event, this might contain "Elspeth" to distinguish it from Bolas HoD.
  • The fourth parameter (optional) is a color string. For example, for an RT event, this might contain "WU" to indicate it's the Azorius version of the event.
  • The fifth parameter (optional) is a starting time in UTC. For example, "16:00".


The following shorthand:

| {{Schedule week cell|Hour of Revelation|2}}
| {{Schedule week cell|Hour of Devastation|2|Elspeth||13:00}}
| {{Schedule week cell|Trial of the Planes|1||G}}
| {{Schedule week cell|Rising Tensions|1||WU|16:00}}
| {{Schedule week cell|Tour de Ravnica|1|||09:00}}

{{Schedule week header|February|24|2019}}
{{Schedule week row|pre=pvp,5|Rising Tensions              |2,1|3,1|4,1|5,1|6,1}}
{{Schedule week row|          Training Grounds             |1,1|2,1|3,1|4,1|5,1|6,1|7,1}}
{{Schedule week row|          Trial of the Planes          |2,1|3,1|4,1|5,1|6,1}}
{{Schedule week row|          Hour of Revelation           |1,2}}
{{Schedule week row|          Terrors in the Shadows       |2,3}}
{{Schedule week row|pre=pve,4|Oath of the Gatewatch: Part 1|3,3}}
{{Schedule week row|          Oath of the Gatewatch: Part 2|5,3}}
{{Schedule week row|          Return of the God-Pharaoh    |6,2}}
{{Schedule week row|          Tour de Ravnica              |1,1}}
{{Schedule week row|pre=duel,1|Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi|3,3}}


Coalition Coalition Trial of the Planes (Green) Rising Tensions (Azorius) · Start: 16:00 UTCRising Tensions (Azorius) · Start: 16:00 UTC      

Event schedule
24th February 2019
February March
24 25 26 27 28 1 2
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
 RT    Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png

 TG Legacy   Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png
 TotP Legacy   Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png

 HoR Legacy   Progression rewardsPlacement rewardsCoalition rewards

 TiS Legacy   Progression rewardsPlacement rewardsReward-blank.png


 OGW:1 Legacy   Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png


 OGW:2 Legacy   Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png

 RGP Legacy   Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngCoalition rewards

 TdR    Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngReward-blank.png

Duel  ZvE    Progression rewardsReward-blank.pngWinning side rewards