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Zendikar Expeditions

Zendikar Expeditions (ZE)
Type PvP Standard PvP Standard
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Entry fee 20 Mana Crystals
Nodes 4
Charges 1 initial charges
4 maximum charges
2h recharge time
Specials Color restriction  PW color-restricted
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Zendikar Rising ZNR · Oct 2020 · v4.5
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Event Series
Zendikar Expeditions
Part 1 (White) ZE - Ruins of Emeria
Part 2 (Blue) ZE - Basin of Halimar
Part 3 (Black) ZE - Depths of Agadeem
Part 4 (Red) ZE - Trails of Shatterskull
Part 5 (Green) ZE - Canopy of Turntimber


Zendikar Expeditions has five varieties, which are run as daily events during the week. Each variety of the event corresponds to a different colour, and has a thematic secondary objective on all nodes.

Each instance of the event has an entry fee of 20  .

Special rules

Each event in the series has the following special features:

  Color restriction One or more nodes in this event can only be played by Planeswalkers of a specified color.
  Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Part Part name Color   Thematic objective
Part 1 Zendikar Expeditions - Ruins of Emeria   White Meek
Part 2 Zendikar Expeditions - Basin of Halimar   Blue Researcher
Part 3 Zendikar Expeditions - Depths of Agadeem   Black Destroyer
Part 4 Zendikar Expeditions - Trails of Shatterskull   Red Assault
Part 5 Zendikar Expeditions - Canopy of Turntimber   Green Recruit