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</noinclude><includeonly>[[Abilities#{{{1}}}|<span title="Abilities: {{{1}}}">''{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}''</span>]]</includeonly>
{{Ability|Protection from Color}}
</noinclude><includeonly>[[Abilities#{{#ifeq:{{{1}}}|Protection from Color|Protection from Black|{{{1}}}}}|<span title="Abilities: {{{1}}}">''{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}''</span>]]</includeonly>

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Format the name of a keyword or icon ability, including a link to its description.

The first parameter is the name of the ability.

The second parameter (optional) is the text to display for the ability, which should be limited to the ability name in a different word form. The default value is the first parameter.


The following shorthand:

{{Ability|First Strike}}



First StrikeFirst Strike


Protection from Color