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The Colossal Tussle

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=== Special rules ===
Restricted Subtype: Human<br>Cards with the Human subtype may not be used in player decks. At the beginning of a battle, the player chooses one of the following four support cards to start play on their side. {{Perma support|name=Evolution|side=player|color=UBRG|image=|When a creature you control is {{Ability|Mutate|Mutated}}: If that creature's base power is 4 or greater, draw a card. It gains 4 mana. Otherwise, {{Ability|reinforce}} that creature.}} {{Perma support|name=Side Effect|side=player|color=WRG|image=|When you draw a creature card: It gains 2 mana for each of its {{Ability|Basic Evergreen}} abilities. This effect can trigger up to 2 times per turn.|When you activate a Loyalty ability: Your first creature gets +2/+2. Then, it gains a random {{Ability|Basic Evergreen}} ability.}} {{Perma support|name=Last Ride|side=player|color=WBR|image=|When a creature you control dies or loses a {{Ability|reinforce|reinforcement}}: If it is a {{Ability|Token|token}} creature, your non-{{Ability|Token|token}} creatures get +1/+1. Otherwise, gain 2 life and deal 2 damage to your opponent's Planeswalker.|When a non-{{Ability|Token|token}} creature enters the battlefield under your control: You may {{Ability|Destroy}} target creature you control. If you do, draw a card.}} {{Perma support|name=Twist of Fate|side=player|color=WUR|image=|When you {{Ability|Cycling|Cycle}} another card: If that card is a support card, your first creature gets +1/+1. If that card is a spell card, you gain 2 Loyalty. This ability can trigger up to 3 times per turn.}}  
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