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Cause content (such an icon or symbol image) to be formatted inline such that it sits aligned with the baseline of any surrounding normally formatted text, as opposed to being aligned with the descender.

The first parameter is the content to inline. The optional second parameter is a flag which skips inlining if present.


This mark-up:

Not inlined [[File:Vigilance-b.png|x13px]][[File:Flying-b.png|x13px]][[File:Token-b.png|x13px]] Not inlined

Inlined {{Inline|[[File:Vigilance-b.png|x13px]][[File:Flying-b.png|x13px]][[File:Token-b.png|x13px]]}} Inlined


Not inlined Vigilance-b.pngFlying-b.pngToken-b.png Not inlined

Inlined Vigilance-b.pngFlying-b.pngToken-b.png Inlined