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Training Grounds

Training Grounds is a PvP event introduced in April 2017, several months after the release of the Aether Revolt set. Two Training Grounds events are run daily, one Legacy and one Standard.

Training Grounds (TG)
Type PvP Legacy PvP Legacy
PvP Standard PvP Standard
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Nodes 1
Card XP gain 6 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Apr 2017 · v2.0
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Training Grounds was originally introduced as only a Legacy format event. Between July and December 2018, Training Grounds ran on alternate days as alternating Legacy and Standard events.

The primary purpose of Training Grounds is to provide a place for players to test out deck ideas.

There is no limit to how many times the event's single node can be played.

Node 1

Objectives Reward
Win the fight!  Win the fight against your opponent.
1  · 100  


  Progression rewards (Jan 2019)
Ribbons Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 300   350   400   450  
2 350   400   450   500  
3 400   450   500   550  
4 10   10   10   10