Aether Revolt

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Aether Revolt (AER)
AER Symbol.png
Released Jan 2017 (version 1.10)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
KLD KLD    ←    AER AER    →    AKH AKH
Dec 2016              Jan 2017              May 2017
Set mechanics No new mechanics added
Cards 68
Creatures45 · Spells12 · Supports11
Uncommon24 · Rare18 · Mythic16 · Masterpiece10
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Aether Revolt is the seventh Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest set, released in January 2017 in version 1.10 of the game. The set abbreviation is AER, and the set icon (AER) resembles a swirling band of energy being pushed to the sides by a central force.

Emergency Ordinances and Angels' Embrace are Legacy PvP events that were released at the same time as Aether Revolt and feature elements of the set. Revolt against the Consulate is a Legacy PvE event, and Fate is Rarely Fair is a block-restricted PvP event; both were similarly released.

Aether Revolt's release time also saw the debut of the Training Grounds PvP event and the Trial of the Planes Legacy PvP event.

Ajani, Unyielding, Nissa, Vital Force, and Tezzeret the Schemer, all the second of their names, are Planeswalkers that were released at the same time as the set. Ajani has two points lower total mana bonus than normal, and Tezzeret a point higher. All of them have Energize abilities.


Aether Revolt is a small expansion set, consisting of 68 cards across all rarities except Common.

Like Eldritch Moon and Oath of the Gatewatch, Aether Revolt was a Hibernum expansion set. It was an even-numbered release that did not have its own packs, had its main set's cards offered as rewards in its own events, and had no Commons. Its Planeswalkers even had Kaladesh cards in their Starting Decks, instead of AER cards.

Hour of Devastation was the first set to not be added to the pool of cards of the previous, odd-numbered release.

Aether Revolt Aether Revolt  Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Aerial Modification Spells 4 White Uncommon 
Aeronaut Admiral Creatures (4/3) 8 White Uncommon 
Aethergeode Miner Creatures (4/4) Scout, Dwarf 9 White Mythic 
Aethersphere Harvester Creatures (6/6) Vehicle 11 Colorless Rare 
Aethertide Whale Creatures (10/6) Whale 17 Blue Mythic 
Aetherwind Basker Creatures (8/8) Lizard 20 Green Mythic 
Airdrop Aeronauts Creatures (4/3) Scout, Dwarf 10 White Uncommon 
Arcbound Ravager Creatures (8/8) Beast 13 Colorless Masterpiece 
Baral, Chief of Compliance Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 8 Blue Mythic 
Baral's Expertise Spells 10 Blue Rare 
Battle at the Bridge Spells 7 Black Rare 
Black Vise Supports (3) 15 Colorless Masterpiece 
Consulate Crackdown Spells 20 White Rare 
Consulate Dreadnought Creatures (5/5) Vehicle 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Crackdown Construct Creatures (2/2) Construct 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Defense Grid Supports (2) 10 Colorless Masterpiece 
Enraged Giant Creatures (4/4) Giant 13 Red Uncommon 
Exquisite Archangel Creatures (8/8) Angel 16 White Mythic 
Freejam Regent Creatures (6/6) Dragon 15 Red Rare 
Gifted Aetherborn Creatures (3/4) Vampire, Aetherborn 13 Black Uncommon 
Glint-Sleeve Siphoner Creatures (6/5) Human, Rogue 17 Black Rare 
Gonti's Aether Heart Supports (3) 6 Colorless Mythic 
Gonti's Machinations Supports (3) 11 Black Uncommon 
Greenbelt Rampager Creatures (6/6) Elephant 7 Green Rare 
Gremlin Infestation Supports (3) 8 Red Uncommon 
Heart of Kiran Creatures (12/12) Vehicle 25 Colorless Mythic 
Herald of Anguish Creatures (5/5) Demon 13 Black Mythic 
Heroic Intervention Spells 14 Green Rare 
Hidden Herbalists Creatures (4/4) Druid, Human 10 Green Uncommon 
Hungry Flames Spells 9 Red Uncommon 
Ironclad Revolutionary Creatures (4/4) Artificer, Aetherborn 8 Black Uncommon 
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Creatures (1/3) Human, Pirate 5 Red Mythic 
Kari Zev's Expertise Spells 6 Red Rare 
Lightning Runner Creatures (2/2) Human, Warrior 6 Red Mythic 
Maverick Thopterist Creatures (2/2) Artificer, Human 6 BlueRed Uncommon 
Mechanized Production Supports (3) 6 Blue Mythic 
Narnam Renegade Creatures (4/5) Elf, Warrior 11 Green Uncommon 
Oath of Ajani Supports (3) 10 WhiteGreen Rare 
Ornithopter Creatures (4/4) Construct, Thopter 4 Colorless Masterpiece 
Outland Boar Creatures (4/4) 9 RedGreen Uncommon 
Peacewalker Colossus Creatures (6/6) Vehicle 18 Colorless Rare 
Peema Aether-Seer Creatures (4/3) Druid, Elf 13 Green Uncommon 
Planar Bridge Supports (3) 11 Colorless Mythic 
Platinum Angel Creatures (4/4) Angel 13 Colorless Masterpiece 
Quicksmith Spy Creatures (4/5) Artificer, Human 11 Blue Rare 
Reckless Racer Creatures (2/3) Human, Pilot 9 Red Uncommon 
Release the Gremlins Spells 16 Red Rare 
Restoration Specialist Creatures (4/3) Artificer, Dwarf 21 White Uncommon 
Rishkar, Peema Renegade Creatures (5/5) Druid, Elf 16 Green Mythic 
Rishkar's Expertise Spells 5 Green Mythic 
Rogue Refiner Creatures (4/3) Human, Rogue 11 BlueGreen Uncommon 
Shielded Aether Thief Creatures (1/6) Rogue, Vedalken 10 Blue Uncommon 
Sly Requisitioner Creatures (4/4) Artificer, Human 10 Black Uncommon 
Solemn Recruit Creatures (3/3) Warrior, Dwarf 6 White Rare 
Sram, Senior Edificer Creatures (4/4) Dwarf, Advisor 4 White Mythic 
Sram's Expertise Spells 13 White Rare 
Sundering Titan Creatures (7/10) Golem 23 Colorless Masterpiece 
Sword of Body and Mind Supports (2) 11 BlueGreen Masterpiece 
Sword of War and Peace Supports (2) 17 WhiteRed Masterpiece 
Treasure Keeper Creatures (4/4) Construct 12 Colorless Uncommon 
Untethered Express Creatures (4/4) Vehicle 18 Colorless Uncommon 
Vedalken Shackles Supports (2) 15 Colorless Masterpiece 
Walking Ballista Creatures (5/5) Construct 17 Colorless Rare 
Whir of Invention Spells 11 Blue Rare 
Wind-Kin Raiders Creatures (4/3) Artificer, Human 7 Blue Uncommon 
Wurmcoil Engine Creatures (8/8) Wurm 16 Colorless Masterpiece 
Yahenni, Undying Partisan Creatures (2/2) Vampire, Aetherborn 11 Black Mythic 
Yahenni's Expertise Spells 14 Black Rare