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This section contains guides and articles which help players to better understand the game and its strategies.

Wiki Guides

Title Suitable for Description
Basic Gameplay Beginners Introduces the basic game mechanics.
Combat Basics Beginners, Intermediate Combat concepts: Creature Ordering, Blocking, Trample, First Strike, Double Strike, and Berserker
Setting Expectations: The First Few Weeks Beginners, Intermediate How to make the most of the early stages of the game.

External Guides

Title Suitable for Description
D3 Go! New Player Guide Beginners (Official guide) Covers basics including the game menu, the card filter, how to get more cards, building decks, and combat.
D3 Go! Player's Guide to the Color Mastery Design Beginners (Official guide) An overview of Color Mastery.
MtGPQ subreddit FAQ Beginners Answers many new player questions.
Masaana87's Planeswalker Tier List All levels Ranks the Planeswalkers into tiers, and suggests starting approaches for using each Planeswalker.
Is Trial of the Planes for You? All levels Explores whether Trial of the Planes, with its the 60 Mana Crystals entry fee, is a worthwhile event for players in different situations.
Masaana's guide on How to F2P All levels How to acquire and spend in-game resources (Mana Crystals, Mana Jewels, Mana Orbs) efficiently.