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(4.1 Release)
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* Complete PW pages:
* Complete PW pages:
** [[Daxos the Returned]]
** [[Daxos the Returned]]
** [[Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas]]
* Add card data for new card sets:
* Add card data for new card sets:
** [[ODY]]
** [[ODY]]

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A list of things to do to improve the wiki. When an item is done, delete it from the list.

  • Mana Jewels: Top priority
  • Mana Crystals: High priority

4.1 Release


  • Mana Crystals Add summary/overview of general event concepts, e.g.
  • Create pages for (old) events which aren't yet added
  • Add some Strategy sections to events pages
  • Add ways for people to link to external user-created content, particularly for events



  • Add starting deck and the "theme decks" to each PW page
  • Add lore to infobox for each PW (race, birthplace, allies, etc)
  • Add some Strategy sections to PW pages


  • Add some description of set-specific mechanics on each set page
  • Add a page for Promo cards
  • Consider adding set-specific info to each Cards set page, e.g. notable cards, how the mechanics play, feel of power level, lore, etc
  • Determine whether/how to present each card's own page (e.g. infobox + card image + basic content template?)
  • Consider adding pages for tokens and other card-like things, similar to pages for cards
    • Creature Tokens
      • Leaders?
    • Support Tokens
    • Permanent Supports (are these technically tokens?)


  • Consider what guides could be useful, e.g.
    • How to choose gem match
    • How the AI chooses a gem match
    • How to build a deck
    • Guide to Card Sets
    • Guide to Coalitions


  • Add images for each kind of Gem at Gems
  • Add pages on gameplay such as Gem board
  • Consider linking to other useful mtgpq sites from the Main Page
  • Current server task queue:
    • Get Discord Webhook working