From the Vault: Odyssey

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From the Vault: Odyssey (ODY)
ODY Symbol.png
Released Mar 2020 (version 4.1)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
THB THB    ←    ODY ODY    →    DvK DvK
Feb 2020              Mar 2020              Mar 2020
Set mechanics FlashbackFlashback
Cards 65
Creatures28 · Spells18 · Supports19
Common0 · Uncommon26 · Rare28 · Mythic10 · Masterpiece1
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From the Vault: Odyssey is the 21st expansion set of Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest, released in March 2020 in version 4.1 of the game. The set abbreviation is ODY, and the set icon (From the Vault: Odyssey) represents the Mirari artifact.

Like other From the Vault card sets, and unlike most Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest card sets:

  • Odyssey was released retrospectively and out of sequence, compared to paper Magic: the Gathering card set releases.
  • Odyssey was released directly into Legacy, and was never a Standard card set.

Seize the Day is a block-restricted PvP event released at the same time and featuring elements of the set.


The From the Vault: Odyssey set consists of 65 cards. The set has no Common cards.

From the Vault: Odyssey From the Vault: Odyssey   Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Card Set Series
Card sets: From the Vault
ODY From the Vault: Odyssey From the Vault: Odyssey 
TOR From the Vault: Torment From the Vault: Torment 
JUD From the Vault: Judgment From the Vault: Judgment