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Welcome to MTGPQ Wiki!

This wiki is the free encyclopaedia about Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest that anyone can edit.

Getting started

In order to make edits, you have to create a wiki account, which is as simple as choosing a username and a password at Special:CreateAccount.

Making edits

When to edit

The criteria for when to edit is whether you think an edit is needed.

When editing someone else's work, be respectful and considerate of their approach.

Expect that your work may be edited by others. The wiki is at its best when multiple editors all bring their strengths together.


If you can, stay consistent with the existing style of the wiki. But if you're not sure, edit anyway. The style can always be improved later.


The vast bulk of the wiki content is factual and impartial information. In general, opinions or unproven statements should be avoided.

An exception is the Portal:Guides section. Each guide contains an author's opinion on some aspect of the game.

A Strategies section may also be added to any page to describe relevant tips and strategies. Some examples are Portal:Story#Strategies and Elite packs#Strategies.

"Edit" or "Edit source"?

The wiki provides two editing modes for a page. You can use whichever mode works best for you.

  • Edit source opens the underlying wiki source of the page. It's fast, direct, and powerful.
  • Edit opens the visual editor, which may be simpler to use. However, it's slow to load, and is not always great for editing templated content.

Editing resources

Editing guides

Todo list

An informal list of things we'd like to do to improve the wiki can be found here: Todo

Getting in touch

If you want to report a problem, get help with editing, or just chat with other wiki editors, you are welcome to: