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Template usage

Generates an infobox for a Planeswalker using the Planeswalker's data template.

{{{image}}} and {{{aliases}}} - as well as all the lore fields - are hidden, if not specified . You can simply copy/paste the template below and fill in data (or remove lines) where necessary.


Ajani Vengeant
Full Name Ajani Vengeant
Aliases AJ1
Affinities WhiteRed
Origin set Oath of the Gatewatch Oath of the Gatewatch
Cost 650 Mana Crystals
Stats (max level)
Health 119
Deck limits Creatures 9  ·  Spells 6  ·  Supports 5
Mana bonuses Icon W.png+3 · Icon U.png +1 · Icon B.png 0 · Icon R.png+2 · Icon G.png +2
Leveling cost 160,720 Mana Runes
Planeswalkers   (Infobox · Data)

The following shorthand:

{{Infobox PW|Ajani Vengeant}}