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During play, mana powers up Cards to allow them to be played.

Each Match of 3 or more Gems on the Gem board provides an amount of mana according to the number of gems matched, and the mana bonuses of the Planeswalker.

The mana required to play a card corresponds to the card's casting cost, which may range from 1 to 30.

The Colors of Magic event has a permanent support that reduces cards' casting cost by 11, which can reduce the cost to to zero, as can some cards. When this happens, the card is displayed as though it had full mana.

Mana types

Mana of any of the five colors can be used to pay the casting cost of cards of any color. Other specialised types of mana exist.

White White mana
Gained by matching white gems. Pays for any card.
Blue Blue mana
Gained by matching blue gems. Pays for any card.
Black Black mana
Gained by matching black gems. Pays for any card.
Red Red mana
Gained by matching red gems. Pays for any card.
Green Green mana
Gained by matching green gems. Pays for any card.
Void Void mana
Gained by matching void gems. Pays only for cards with the DevoidDevoid ability.

Void gems are created by cards with the Ingest ability.

Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty is not mana, but behaves similarly. Loyalty pays for Planeswalker abilites rather than cards in hand.

Loyalty is gained by matching loyalty gems. Also, each colored gem match generates 1 loyalty in addition to mana.

Gaining mana

Mana may be gained in several ways.

When gained, mana is automatically assigned to the cards in your hand, from the top down, filling the casting cost of each card fully before charging up the next card.

Gem matches

Matching Gems on the Gem board is the most common way of gaining mana. Each gem match provides an amount of mana which is the sum of the following:

  • The number of gems of the same color which were matched
  • The Planeswalker's mana bonus of the color of the gems which were matched

Very large amounts of mana may sometimes be gained in a single turn via cascades on the gem board, where one match leads to another.

In events which are Supercharged, each color match provides an additional 3 mana.


Mana can also be gained from certain cards which provide mana when played, or while in play.

Planeswalker abilities

Some Planeswalkers have Loyalty abilities which provide mana. Others have abilities which benefit their mana bonuses.