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400349.pngRishkar, Peema Renegade CommonUncommonRare|Mythic|Masterpiece
Aether Revolt Aether Revolt
16 mana  ·  Creatures (5/5)  ·  Green

Featured pages

Terms and abbreviations  (Feb 2020)

New to MtGPQ, and your coalition mate just told you "Greg was playing B1 in RaW"? Find out what they were talking about on the Terms and abbreviations page!

Training (Story)  (Jan 2020)

Whether it's Investigate or Proliferate, Undergrowth or Overflow, there's an in-game tutorial for each game mechanic. But which tutorial teaches which ability? Find out on the Training (Story) page.

Game history  (Dec 2019)

If you've ever wondered when a Card set, Planeswalker, or Event was added to MtGPQ, the Game history page is for you.

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