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The Training Story level teaches new mechanics introduced to the game with each card set since Shadows over Innistrad.

It is broken up into one chapter per card set. Each chapter has a varying number of battles. In each battle, the player uses a provided Planeswalker with pre-built deck against a level 1 opponent.

Chapter Set Battles Mechanics explained
Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4 Battle 5 Battle 6
Training - SOI Shadows over Innistrad Shadows over Innistrad 4 TransformTransform Investigate Delirium Madness
Training - KLD Kaladesh Kaladesh 4 Energize, Overload Crew, Fabricate - -
Training - AKH Amonkhet Amonkhet 4 Embalm Exert Cycle -
Training - HOU Hour of Devastation Hour of Devastation 3 Eternalize, Aftermath AfflictAfflict -
Training - XLN Ixalan Ixalan 4 Enrage, Tribal Treasure Explore Raid
Training - RIX Rivals of Ixalan Rivals of Ixalan 1 Ascend
Training - DOM Dominaria Dominaria 2 Saga, Historic LeaderLeader
Training - M19 Core Set 2019 Core Set 2019 1 FlashFlash, Stored ManaStored Mana
Training - GRN Guilds of Ravnica Guilds of Ravnica 6 MentorMentor ConvokeConvoke Surveil Undergrowth Jump-startJump-start Split CardSplit Card
Training - RNA Ravnica Allegiance Ravnica Allegiance 5 Afterlife RiotRiot Spectacle Addendum AdaptAdapt
Training - WAR War of the Spark War of the Spark 3 VanguardVanguard, Partner Proliferate Amass
Training - M20 Core Set 2020 Core Set 2020 2 Overflow Protection from Color
Training - ELD Throne of Eldraine Throne of Eldraine 5 Adamant Resourceful AdventureAdventure Mill Food
Training - THB Theros Beyond Death Theros Beyond Death 4 Heroic, EnchantedEnchanted Ferocious, Anticipation BuriedBuried, EscapeEscape,
Graveyard Gem
Training - IKO Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths 3 Basic EvergreenBerserkerDeathtouchDefenderDouble StrikeFirst StrikeFlyingHexproofLifelinkMenaceReachTrampleVigilance Companion MutateMutate, MutationMutation
Training - M21 Core Set 2021 Core Set 2021 2 BraveryBravery, Prowess Morbid, Renewal
Training - ZNR Zendikar Rising Zendikar Rising 3 EquipEquip, PartyParty KickerKicker, Wizardry LandformingLandforming
Training - PMA Puzzle Masters Puzzle Masters 7 IgniteIgnite, Mana FieldMana Field CorruptCorrupt, UnearthUnearth Crystallize, Automate, Lotus Field
Training - KHM Kaldheim Kaldheim 3 SnowSnow ForetellForetell, ForetoldForetold BoastBoast, HeraldHerald
Training - STX Strixhaven Strixhaven 4 MagecraftMagecraft, WardWard EnhanceEnhance, EnhancedEnhanced LearnLearn, LessonLesson InvokeInvoke, InvokedInvoked
Training - AFR Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Adventures in the Forgotten Realms 4 DungeonDungeon, Dungeon SpoilsDungeon Spoils, VentureVenture Roll a D20Roll a D20 HiredHired Pack Tactics
Training - MID Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 5 DayboundDaybound, DayshiftDayshift NightboundNightbound CovenCoven DecayedDecayed, Imminent DeathImminent Death DisturbDisturb
Training - NEO Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty 4 NinjutsuNinjutsu PilotPilot ReconfigureReconfigure ChannelChannel, Modified
Training - SNC Streets of New Capenna Streets of New Capenna 5 Shield Counter Alliance, Connive Casualty Blitz Hideaway, Hidden


Training Rewards (as of 06/15/2022)

Expac Round Reward B W R U G Notes
SNC 1 Dapper Shieldmate X
2 Echo Inspector X
3 Light 'Em Up X Sacrificing a creature is
mandatory, not optional.
Replacing a creature
is mandatory
4 Girder Goons X
5 Attended Socialite X
NEO 1 Coiling Stalker X
2 Mobilizer Mech X
3 Webspinner Cuff X
4 Born to Drive X
VOW 1 Blood Fountain X
2 Apprentice Sharpshooter X
PMA 1 Demolish X
2 Necromantic Summons X
3 Healing Hands X
4 Gather the Pack X
5 None
6 None
7 Anchor to the Aether X
8 Runed Servitor
9 Veteran's Sidearm
MID 1 Village Watch X
2 Duelcraft Trainer X
3 Ghoulish Procession X
4 Galedrifter X Currently bugged. Must replace
a specific disturbed creature
before it attacks
to avoid soft lock
AFR 1 Fly X
2 Hoarding Ogre X
3 Jaded Sell-Sword X
4 Hobgoblin Captain X
STX 1 Eager First-Year X
Waterfall Aerialist X
2 Defend the Campus X
3 Hunt for Specimens X
4 Echoing Equation X
KHM 1 Shimmmerdrift Vale X X X X X
2 Gods' Hall Guardian X Keep cards foretold,
focus on activated/foretold gems
3 Hagi Mob X
ZNR 1 Teeterpeak Ammbusher X
2 Ghastly Gloohunter X
3 Jwari Disruption X
M21 1 Mistral Singer X
2 Sabertooth Mauler X
IKO 1 Ferocious Tigorilla X
2 Garrison Cat X
3 Boneyard Lurker X X
THB 1 Hero of the Games X
2 Ilysian Caryatid X
3 Glimpse of  Freedom X
4 Blight-Breath Catoblepas X
ELD 1 Garenbrig Paladin X
2 Bloodhaze Wolverine X
3 Lonesome Unicorn X
4 Merfolk Secretkeeper X
5 Tempting Witch X
M20 1 Leyline of Lifeforce X
2 Unchained Berserker X
WAR 1 Arlinn, Voice of the Pack X X
Angrath, Captain of Chaos X X
Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner X X
Nahiri, Storm of Stone X X
Vraska, Swarm's Eminence X X
2 Grateful Apparition X
3 Callous Dismissal X
RNA 1 Syndicate Messenger X
2 Rampaging Rendhorn X
3 Spikewheel Acrobat X
4 Code of Constraint X
5 Skitter Eel X
GRN 1 Barging Sergeant X
2 Loxodon Restorer X
3 Barrier of Bones X
4 Rhizome Lurcher X X
5 Maximize Altitude X
6 Integrity X X
M19 1 Murder X
DOM 1 Relic Runner X
2 Thallid Omnivore X
RIX 1 Pride of Conquerers X
XLN 1 Ravenous Daggertooth X
2 Pirate's Prize X
3 Brazen Buccaneers X
4 Deadeye Tormentor X
HOU 1 Farm X X
Steadfast Sentinel X
2 Dagger of the Worthy X X X X X
3 HOU Booster Booster Pack
AKH 1 Sacred Cat X
2 Bitterblade Warrior X
3 Shadowstorm Vizier X X Read the Cast Out card carefully
4 AKH Booster Booster Pack
KLD 1 Aether Hub X X X X X
2 Accomplished Automaton X X X X X
3 Sky Skiff X X X X X
4 Kaladesh Booster Booster Pack
SOI 1 Solitary Hunter X
2 Gone Missing X
3 Moorland Drifter X
4 SOI Booster Booster Pack