Throne of Eldraine

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Throne of Eldraine (ELD)
ELD Symbol.png
Released Nov 2019 (version 3.9)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
M20 M20    ←    ELD ELD    →    THB THB
Oct 2019              Nov 2019              Feb 2020
Set mechanics Adamant
Cards 241
Creatures139 · Spells41 · Supports61
Common65 · Uncommon62 · Rare60 · Mythic39 · Masterpiece15
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Throne of Eldraine is the 19th expansion set of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, released in November 2019 in version 3.9 of the game. The set abbreviation is ELD, and the set icon (Throne of Eldraine) is a stylized representation of a sword and crown.

Fables of Eldraine is a Legacy PvE event, released at the same time, featuring elements of the set such as Food and AdventureAdventure.

Challenge of the Courts is a five-part series of PvP events, similarly released, as is The Great Tournament, a Standard coalition PvP event. It runs as Legacy since the late 2021 rotation.

Trick or Treat? is a Legacy PvE event; when it debuted, it showcased cards from an Eldraine set that, at the time, had not yet been released.

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman, Oko, Thief of Crowns, Rowan Kenrith (Will Kenrith) and The Royal Scions are Planeswalkers released at the same time as the set.


The Throne of Eldraine set consists of 241 different cards across all five rarities, plus full art variants of 34 of those cards.

Throne of Eldraine Throne of Eldraine   Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Acclaimed Contender Creatures (5/5) Human, Knight 15 White Mythic 
Alela, Artful Provocateur Creatures (4/5) Faerie, Warlock 15 WhiteBlackBlack Mythic 
All That Glitters Spells Aura 7 White Uncommon 
Altar of Dementia Supports (3) Artifact 6 Colorless Masterpiece 
Animating Faerie Creatures (4/4) Faerie 8 Blue Rare 
Arcanist's Owl Creatures (4/4) Bird, Artifact 9 WhiteBlue Uncommon 
Archon of Absolution Creatures (5/4) Archon 14 White Rare 
Ardenvale Paladin Creatures (2/5) Human, Knight 9 White Common 
Ardenvale Tactician Creatures (2/3) Human, Knight 7 White Common 
Astral Drift Supports (3) Enchantment 6 White Masterpiece 
Ayara, First of Locthwain Creatures (5/6) Elf, Noble 14 Black Mythic 
Bake into a Pie Spells 9 Black Common 
Banish into Fable Spells 14 WhiteBlue Rare 
Barge In Spells 6 Red Common 
Beanstalk Giant Creatures (1/1) Giant 12 Green Mythic 
Belle of the Brawl Creatures (4/3) Human, Knight 12 Black Uncommon 
Beloved Princess Creatures (1/1) Human, Noble 4 White Common 
Blacklance Paragon Creatures (5/3) Human, Knight 10 Black Rare 
Bloodhaze Wolverine Creatures (2/1) Wolverine 7 Red Common 
Bog Naughty Creatures (3/3) Faerie 10 Black Common 
Bonecrusher Giant Creatures (6/5) Giant 13 Red Rare 
Brazen Borrower Creatures (5/3) Faerie, Rogue 8 Blue Mythic 
Brimstone Trebuchet Supports (3) Wall, Artifact 12 Red Uncommon 
Castle Ardenvale Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Rare 
Castle Embereth Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Rare 
Castle Garenbrig Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Rare 
Castle Locthwain Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Rare 
Castle Vantress Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Rare 
Cauldron Familiar Creatures (2/2) Cat 6 Black Uncommon 
Cauldron's Gift Spells 9 Black Rare 
Charmed Sleep Supports (2) Aura, Enchantment 8 Blue Uncommon 
Charming Prince Creatures (4/4) Human, Noble 9 White Rare 
Chittering Witch Creatures (5/5) Human, Warlock 14 Black Rare 
Chulane, Teller of Tales Creatures (4/6) Druid, Human 15 WhiteGreenGreen Mythic 
Clackbridge Troll Creatures (12/12) Troll 16 Black Mythic 
Claim the Firstborn Spells 3 Red Common 
Clockwork Servant Creatures (3/4) Artifact 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Corridor Monitor Creatures (2/5) Construct, Artifact 9 Blue Uncommon 
Covetous Urge Spells 8 BlueBlack Rare 
Crashing Footfalls Supports (8) Enchantment 12 Green Masterpiece 
Crystal Slipper Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 6 Red Common 
Curious Pair Creatures (1/3) Human, Peasant 4 Green Common 
Dance of the Manse Spells 8 WhiteBlue Mythic 
Deafening Silence Supports (1) Enchantment 9 White Uncommon 
Deathless Knight Creatures (5/3) Knight, Skeleton 13 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Didn't Say Please Spells 9 Blue Common 
Doom Foretold Supports (2) Enchantment 16 WhiteBlack Mythic 
Drown in the Loch Spells 10 BlueBlack Rare 
Dwarven Mine Supports (2) Land, Mountain 10 Colorless Common 
Edgewall Innkeeper Creatures (2/2) Human, Peasant 6 Green Uncommon 
Elite Headhunter Creatures (4/5) Human, Knight 10 BlackRed Rare 
Embercleave Supports (4) Equipment, Artifact 23 Red Mythic 
Embereth Paladin Creatures (4/1) Human, Knight 9 Red Common 
Embereth Shieldbreaker Creatures (3/2) Human, Knight 7 Red Uncommon 
Embereth Skyblazer Creatures (6/5) Human, Knight 14 Red Rare 
Emry, Lurker of the Loch Creatures (4/5) Merfolk, Wizard 13 Blue Mythic 
Enchanted Carriage Supports (4) Vehicle, Artifact 14 Colorless Common 
Escape to the Wilds Spells 15 RedGreen Mythic 
Eye Collector Creatures (2/2) Faerie 7 Black Uncommon 
Fabled Passage Supports (2) Land 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Fae of Wishes Creatures (2/5) Faerie, Wizard 8 Blue Uncommon 
Faeburrow Elder Creatures (3/3) Wizard, Treefolk 12 WhiteGreen Rare 
Faerie Formation Creatures (6/5) Faerie 14 Blue Rare 
Faerie Guidemother Creatures (2/2) Faerie 7 White Uncommon 
Faerie Vandal Creatures (2/3) Faerie 10 Blue Uncommon 
Feasting Troll King Creatures (8/7) Troll, Noble 17 Green Rare 
Ferocity of the Wilds Supports (2) Enchantment 10 Red Common 
Fervent Champion Creatures (3/3) Human, Knight 8 Red Mythic 
Festive Funeral Spells 10 Black Common 
Fierce Witchstalker Creatures (4/4) Wolf 11 Green Common 
Fireborn Knight Creatures (3/4) Human, Knight 14 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Fires of Invention Supports (4) Enchantment 13 Red Mythic 
Flaxen Intruder Creatures (3/4) Berserker, Human 8 Green Uncommon 
Flutterfox Creatures (2/2) Fox 6 White Common 
Folio of Fancies Supports (4) Artifact 10 Blue Mythic 
Foreboding Fruit Spells 5 Black Common 
Forever Young Spells 4 Black Common 
Foulmire Knight Creatures (1/1) Knight, Zombie 6 Black Common 
Gadwick, the Wizened Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 12 Blue Mythic 
Garenbrig Carver Creatures (3/2) Human, Warrior 8 Green Common 
Garenbrig Paladin Creatures (4/4) Giant, Knight 10 Green Common 
Garenbrig Squire Creatures (2/2) Human, Soldier 6 Green Common 
Template:Carddata:GarrukWildspeaker Garruk Wildspeaker Missing card data 
Template:Carddata:GarrukCursedHuntsman Garruk, Cursed Huntsman Missing card data 
Giant Killer Creatures (3/4) Human, Peasant 8 White Rare 
Giant Opportunity Spells 10 Green Uncommon 
Giant's Skewer Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 9 Black Uncommon 
Gilded Goose Creatures (0/4) Bird 7 Green Rare 
Gingerbread Cabin Supports (2) Land, Forest 10 Colorless Common 
Gingerbrute Creatures (1/1) Golem, Artifact, Food 5 Colorless Common 
Giver of Runes Creatures (5/6) Cleric, Kor 12 White Masterpiece 
Glass Casket Supports (2) Artifact 7 White Uncommon 
Gluttonous Troll Creatures (6/6) Troll 15 BlackGreen Rare 
Golden Egg Supports (1) Artifact, Food 6 Colorless Uncommon 
Grumgully, the Generous Creatures (4/4) Goblin, Shaman 9 RedGreen Uncommon 
Harmonious Archon Creatures (8/9) Archon 20 White Mythic 
Happily Ever After Supports (4) Enchantment 12 White Rare 
Henge Walker Creatures (2/2) Golem, Artifact 8 Colorless Common 
Heraldic Banner Supports (3) Artifact 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Hexdrinker Creatures (1/1) 8 Green Masterpiece 
Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis Creatures (16/16) Avatar 24 BlackGreen Masterpiece 
Hushbringer Creatures (3/4) Faerie 10 White Rare 
Hypnotic Sprite Creatures (2/1) Faerie 5 Blue Common 
Idyllic Grange Supports (2) Land, Plains 10 Colorless Common 
Improbable Alliance Supports (2) Enchantment 10 BlueRed Rare 
Inquisitive Puppet Creatures (1/2) Construct, Artifact 6 Colorless Common 
Insatiable Appetite Spells 4 Green Common 
Inspiring Veteran Creatures (4/4) Human, Knight 12 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Into the Story Spells 9 Blue Common 
Irencrag Feat Spells 10 Red Uncommon 
Irencrag Pyromancer Creatures (2/6) Human, Wizard 11 Red Rare 
Joust Spells 7 Red Common 
Keeper of Fables Creatures (4/5) Cat 11 Green Common 
Kenrith, the Returned King Creatures (7/7) Human, Noble 19 White Mythic 
Kenrith's Transformation Spells Aura 10 Green Common 
Kess, Dissident Mage Creatures (7/8) Human, Wizard 21 BlueBlackRed Masterpiece 
Knight's Charge Supports (2) Enchantment 13 WhiteBlack Rare 
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King Creatures (6/6) Dragon, Noble 16 BlackRedGreen Mythic 
Linden, the Steadfast Queen Creatures (2/2) Human, Noble 8 White Mythic 
Loch Dragon Creatures (4/3) Dragon 12 BlueRed Uncommon 
Lochmere Serpent Creatures (7/7) Serpent 21 BlueBlack Mythic 
Locthwain Paladin Creatures (3/2) Human, Knight 9 Black Common 
Lonesome Unicorn Creatures (3/3) 8 White Common 
Lovestruck Beast Creatures (7/7) Beast, Noble 9 Green Rare 
Lucky Clover Supports (2) Artifact 8 Colorless Uncommon 
Mace of the Valiant Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 13 White Rare 
Mad Ratter Creatures (3/4) Goblin 9 Red Rare 
Mantle of Tides Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 10 Blue Uncommon 
Memory Theft Spells 5 Black Common 
Merchant of the Vale Creatures (2/3) Human, Peasant 7 Red Common 
Merfolk Secretkeeper Creatures (0/6) Merfolk, Wizard 9 Blue Common 
Midnight Clock Supports (2) Artifact 11 Blue Rare 
Mirrodin Besieged Supports (3) Enchantment 18 Blue Masterpiece 
Mirrormade Spells 7 Blue Uncommon 
Moonlit Scavengers Creatures (4/5) Merfolk, Rogue 11 Blue Common 
Murderous Rider Creatures (4/5) Knight, Zombie 12 Black Rare 
Mysterious Pathlighter Creatures (4/4) Faerie 10 White Uncommon 
Mystic Sanctuary Supports (2) Land 10 Colorless Common 
Mystical Dispute Spells 11 Blue Common 
Oakhame Adversary Creatures (3/4) Elf, Warrior 11 Green Uncommon 
Oakhame Ranger Creatures (3/3) Elf, Knight 12 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Oathsworn Knight Creatures (1/1) Human, Knight 9 Black Uncommon 
Template:Carddata:OkotheTrickster Oko, the Trickster Missing card data 
Template:Carddata:OkoThiefofCrowns Oko, Thief of Crowns Missing card data 
Once Upon a Time Spells 4 Green Rare 
Opportunistic Dragon Creatures (4/3) Dragon 11 Red Uncommon 
Order of Midnight Creatures (2/2) Human, Knight 6 Black Common 
Outflank Supports (2) 6 White Uncommon 
Outlaws' Merriment Spells 12 WhiteRed Mythic 
Pashalik Mons Creatures (5/5) Goblin, Warrior 10 Red Masterpiece 
Piper of the Swarm Creatures (3/5) Human, Warlock 9 Black Mythic 
Planebound Accomplice Creatures (4/6) Human, Wizard 12 Red Masterpiece 
Queen of Ice Creatures (3/4) Human, Wizard, Noble 9 Blue Uncommon 
Questing Beast Creatures (6/6) Beast 14 Green Mythic 
Rally for the Throne Spells 9 White Common 
Rankle, Master of Pranks Creatures (5/5) Faerie, Rogue 14 Black Mythic 
Realm-Cloaked Giant Creatures (9/9) Giant 14 White Mythic 
Reaper of Night Creatures (5/6) Specter 14 Black Uncommon 
Redcap Melee Spells 5 Red Uncommon 
Redcap Raiders Creatures (3/2) Goblin, Warrior 8 Red Common 
Resolute Rider Creatures (5/3) Human, Knight 11 WhiteBlack Uncommon 
Return of the Wildspeaker Spells 15 Green Uncommon 
Revenge of Ravens Supports (2) Enchantment 9 Black Uncommon 
Righteousness Spells 6 White Common 
Rimrock Knight Creatures (3/1) Knight, Dwarf 6 Red Common 
Robber of the Rich Creatures (4/4) Archer, Human, Rogue 11 Red Mythic 
Rosethorn Acolyte Creatures (3/4) Druid, Elf 10 Green Uncommon 
Rosethorn Halberd Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 10 Green Uncommon 
Template:Carddata:RowanKenrith Rowan Kenrith Missing card data 
Template:Carddata:RowanFearlessSparkmage Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage Missing card data 
Template:Carddata:RowansBattleguard Rowan's Battleguard Missing card data 
Template:Carddata:RowansStalwarts Rowan's Stalwarts Missing card data 
Savvy Hunter Creatures (5/5) Human, Warrior 12 BlackGreen Rare 
Scrapyard Recombiner Creatures (5/5) Construct, Artifact 12 Colorless Masterpiece 
Searing Barrage Spells 8 Red Common 
Seven Dwarves Creatures (2/2) Dwarf 13 Red Rare 
Shambling Suit Creatures (1/4) Construct, Artifact 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Shepherd of the Flock Creatures (4/2) Human, Peasant 8 White Uncommon 
Shimmer Dragon Creatures (6/7) Dragon 16 Blue Rare 
Shinechaser Creatures (2/2) Faerie 12 WhiteBlue Rare 
Shining Armor Supports (2) Equipment, Artifact 10 White Uncommon 
Silverflame Ritual Spells 6 White Common 
Silverflame Squire Creatures (2/1) Human, Soldier 4 White Common 
Silverwing Squadron Creatures (4/4) Human, Knight 19 White Rare 
Sisay, Weatherlight Captain Creatures (3/3) Human, Soldier 13 White Masterpiece 
Slaying Fire Spells 7 Red Uncommon 
Smitten Swordmaster Creatures (3/2) Human, Knight 8 Black Uncommon 
So Tiny Spells Aura 5 Blue Common 
Sorcerer's Broom Creatures (3/2) Spirit, Artifact 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Specter's Shriek Spells 6 Black Common 
Spinning Wheel Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Common 
Steelbane Hydra Creatures (2/2) Hydra, Turtle 9 Green Rare 
Steelclaw Lance Supports (3) Equipment, Artifact 14 BlackRed Uncommon 
Steelgaze Griffin Creatures (2/4) Griffin 11 Blue Common 
Stolen by the Fae Spells 5 Blue Uncommon 
Stonecoil Serpent Creatures (1/1) Snake, Artifact 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Stormfist Crusader Creatures (4/4) Human, Knight 9 BlackRed Uncommon 
Sundering Stroke Spells 12 Red Rare 
Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw Creatures (5/5) Human, Knight 14 White Rare 
Syr Carah, the Bold Creatures (5/5) Human, Knight 16 Red Rare 
Syr Elenora, the Discerning Creatures (1/6) Human, Knight 12 Blue Rare 
Syr Faren, the Hengehammer Creatures (4/4) Human, Knight 9 Green Rare 
Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale Creatures (6/6) Human, Knight 16 WhiteBlackRed Mythic 
Syr Konrad, the Grim Creatures (7/6) Human, Knight 17 Black Rare 
Taste of Death Spells 16 Black Rare 
Tectonic Reformation Supports (4) Enchantment 8 Red Masterpiece 
Tempting Witch Creatures (1/3) Human, Warlock 10 Black Common 
The Cauldron of Eternity Supports (5) Artifact 24 Black Mythic 
The Circle of Loyalty Supports (4) Artifact 20 White Mythic 
The Great Henge Supports (4) Artifact 26 Green Mythic 
The Magic Mirror Supports (1) Artifact 26 Blue Mythic 
Template:Carddata:TheRoyalScions The Royal Scions Missing card data 
Thorn Mammoth Creatures (9/9) Elephant 18 Green Rare 
Template:Carddata:ThrillofPossibility Thrill of Possibility Missing card data 
Torbran, Thane of Red Fell Creatures (3/6) Dwarf, Noble 14 Red Mythic 
Tournament Grounds Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Uncommon 
Trail of Crumbs Supports (3) Enchantment 7 Green Uncommon 
Trapped in the Tower Supports (2) Aura, Enchantment 8 White Uncommon 
True Love's Kiss Spells 9 White Common 
Tuinvale Treefolk Creatures (6/5) Druid, Treefolk 16 Green Common 
Turn into a Pumpkin Spells 9 Blue Common 
Urza, Lord High Artificer Creatures (4/7) Artificer, Human 16 Blue Masterpiece 
Vantress Gargoyle Creatures (7/6) Gargoyle, Artifact 9 Blue Rare 
Vantress Paladin Creatures (2/2) Human, Knight 7 Blue Common 
Venerable Knight Creatures (2/1) Human, Knight 5 White Common 
Wandermare Creatures (5/5) Horse 11 WhiteGreen Rare 
Weaselback Redcap Creatures (2/2) Goblin, Knight 7 Red Uncommon 
Wicked Wolf Creatures (5/5) Wolf 13 Green Mythic 
Wildborn Preserver Creatures (3/3) Archer, Elf 10 Green Rare 
Wildwood Tracker Creatures (1/1) Elf, Warrior 4 Green Common 
Template:Carddata:WillKenrith Will Kenrith Missing card data 
Wintermoor Commander Creatures (4/1) Human, Knight 10 WhiteBlack Rare 
Wishclaw Talisman Supports (3) Artifact 8 Black Rare 
Witching Well Supports (1) Artifact 5 Blue Common 
Witch's Cottage Supports (2) Land 10 Colorless Common 
Witch's Oven Supports (2) Artifact 7 Colorless Uncommon 
Wolf's Quarry Spells 15 Green Common 
Workshop Elders Creatures (6/6) Artificer, Human 17 Blue Rare 
Worthy Knight Creatures (5/5) Human, Knight 11 White Rare 
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician Creatures (5/7) Cleric, Human 17 Black Masterpiece 
Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig Creatures (1/1) Giant, Noble 12 Green Mythic