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Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest, or MtGPQ for short, is a mobile game which blends features of the Magic: the Gathering collectible card game with the gem matching gameplay of Puzzle Quest.

The game is published by D3 Go!, and is developed by Oktagon Games. The game's original developer, Hibernum, oversaw the game's development from its release in December 2015 until October 2017.


The player takes turns with the AI Matching Gems on a shared Gem board to fill Cards in their hand with Mana. Cards with full mana may be cast during your turn, causing one-off spell effects, creating ongoing support gems on the gem board, or summoning creatures into play.

Players can construct their own Decks from cards they own. Although opponent moves are AI-controlled, Events regularly feature opponent decks created by other players competing in the same event. In-game currency Resources earned from events may be spent on playable Planeswalkers characters, or on booster Card packs to add to your decks.

New Card sets are regularly released, usually soon after the corresponding Magic: the Gathering set is released.

Team play is supported by a Coalitions feature, with some events granting additional rewards based on the team's overall ranking in the event.