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Jump/Start (JMP)
JMP Symbol.png
Released Jul 2022 (version 5.8)
Release notes
Format Standard
SNC SNC    ←    JMP JMP    →    DMU DMU
Jun 2022              Jul 2022              Oct 2022
Set mechanics No new mechanics added
Cards 35
Creatures10 · Spells13 · Supports12
Common18 · Uncommon9 · Rare5 · Mythic3
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Jump/Start is the 36th expansion set of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, released in July 2022 in version 5.8 of the game. The set abbreviation is JMP, and the set icon (Jump/Start) resembles two decks being combined.

Jump/Start is not a main-line card set, and therefore does not impact the rotation of card sets out of Standard format. Like its corresponding Magic: the Gathering card set, it is closely linked to the M21 set.


The Jumpstart event was released at the same time as this card set, and is currently the only way to acquire cards from the set. Each card in Jump/Start is exclusively available in one of the 5 Planeswalker or 15 theme boosters acquired through the event.


The Jump/Start card set consists of 35 cards from Common to Mythic rarity. The set has no Masterpiece cards.

Jump/Start Jump/Start   Complete card list [Gallery at mtgpq.info]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Assault Formation Supports (4) Enchantment 8 Green Rare 
Blessed Sanctuary Supports (3) Enchantment 13 White Uncommon 
Bruvac the Grandiloquent Creatures (1/4) Advisor, Human 10 Blue Mythic 
Coastal Piracy Supports (3) Enchantment 8 Blue Uncommon 
Corsair Captain Creatures (2/2) Human, Pirate 8 Blue Rare 
Crushing Canopy Spells 7 Green Common 
Douse in Gloom Spells 5 Black Common 
Draconic Roar Spells 7 Red Common 
Elvish Archdruid Creatures (2/2) Druid, Elf 9 Green Rare 
Emiel the Blessed Creatures (4/4) Unicorn 10 White Mythic 
Last Gasp Spells 6 Black Common 
Lightning Bolt Spells 3 Red Uncommon 
Lightning Phoenix Creatures (3/2) Phoenix 9 Red Rare 
Liliana's Elite Creatures (1/1) Zombie 8 Black Uncommon 
Lurking Predators Supports (3) Enchantment 10 Green Uncommon 
Magmaquake Spells 8 Red Rare 
Mana Geode Supports (4) Artifact 12 Colorless Common 
Myr Sire Creatures (1/1) Artifact, Myr, Phyrexian 5 Colorless Common 
Oona's Blackguard Creatures (1/1) Faerie, Rogue 7 Black Uncommon 
Overgrown Battlement Creatures (0/4) Wall 6 Green Uncommon 
Parasitic Implant Spells Aura 10 Black Common 
Presence of Gond Spells 8 Green Common 
Release the Dogs Spells 12 White Uncommon 
Riddle of Lightning Spells 18 Red Common 
Sarkhan's Rage Spells 11 Red Common 
Scroll of Avacyn Supports (1) Artifact 4 Colorless Common 
Sheoldred, Whispering One Creatures (6/6) Phyrexian, Praetor 21 Black Mythic 
Spitting Earth Spells 7 Red Common 
Thriving Bluff Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Common 
Thought Collapse Spells 10 Blue Common 
Thriving Grove Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Common 
Thriving Heath Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Common 
Thriving Isle Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Common 
Thriving Moor Supports (3) Land 11 Colorless Common 
Warmonger's Chariot Supports (3) Artifact, Equipment 8 Colorless Uncommon