Eldritch Moon

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Eldritch Moon (EMN)
EMN Symbol.png
Released Oct 2016 (version 1.7.1)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
SOI SOI    ←    EMN EMN    →    KLD KLD
Aug 2016              Oct 2016              Dec 2016
Set mechanics Emerge
Cards 67
Creatures55 · Spells8 · Supports4
Uncommon31 · Rare24 · Mythic13
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Eldritch Moon is the fifth Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest set, released in October 2016 in version 1.7.1 of the game. The set abbreviation is EMN, and the set icon (EMN) resembles a tentacled Eldrazi creature.

Emrakul's Corruption is a block-restricted PvP event released at the same time and featuring elements of the set.

Hallow's Eve is a PvP Legacy event, similarly released.

Arlinn Kord and Liliana, the Last Hope are Planeswalkers released at the same time as the set.

Emrakul's Corruption, an Eldritch Moon event, gives rewards from SOI. Avacyn's Madness is a SOI event, but gives Eldritch Moon Coalition Rewards.


Eldritch Moon is one of the smallest sets in the game, consisting of 67 cards, nearly all creatures. The set has no Common or Masterpiece cards.

Eldritch Moon Eldritch Moon  Complete card list [Gallery at mtgpq.info]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Abundant Maw Creatures (6/4) Eldrazi 23 Colorless Uncommon 
Advanced Stitchwing Creatures (3/4) Horror, Zombie 10 Blue Uncommon 
Assembled Alphas Creatures (6/6) Wolf 17 Red Rare 
Bedlam Reveler Creatures (5/6) Devil, Horror 13 Red Rare 
Bruna, the Fading Light Creatures (5/7) Angel, Horror 18 White Rare 
Campaign of Vengeance Supports (3) 8 WhiteBlack Uncommon 
Chilling Grasp Spells 4 Blue Uncommon 
Conduit of Storms Creatures (5/4) Horror, Werewolf 15 Red Uncommon 
Curious Homunculus Creatures (4/4) Homunculus 12 Blue Uncommon 
Decimator of the Provinces Creatures (8/8) Boar, Eldrazi 21 Colorless Mythic 
Deploy the Gatewatch Spells 23 White Mythic 
Distended Mindbender Creatures (6/6) Eldrazi, Insect 16 Colorless Rare 
Docent of Perfection Creatures (6/5) Horror, Insect 9 Blue Rare 
Drownyard Behemoth Creatures (5/7) Eldrazi 16 Colorless Uncommon 
Elder Deep-Fiend Creatures (5/6) Eldrazi, Octopus 19 Colorless Rare 
Emrakul, the Promised End Creatures (13/13) Eldrazi 20 Colorless Mythic 
Emrakul's Evangel Creatures (6/5) Horror, Human 13 Green Rare 
Eternal Scourge Creatures (3/3) Eldrazi, Horror 12 Colorless Rare 
Extricator of Sin Creatures (2/5) Cleric, Human 15 White Uncommon 
Foul Emissary Creatures (1/1) Horror, Human 7 Green Uncommon 
Furyblade Vampire Creatures (3/4) Berserker, Vampire 10 Red Uncommon 
Gisa and Geralf Creatures (8/8) Human, Wizard 14 BlueBlack Mythic 
Gisela, the Broken Blade Creatures (8/8) Angel, Horror 12 White Mythic 
Give No Ground Spells 4 White Uncommon 
Gnarlwood Dryad Creatures (4/4) Dryad, Horror 12 Green Uncommon 
Graf Harvest Supports (3) 11 Black Uncommon 
Graf Rats Creatures (3/2) Rat 10 Black Uncommon 
Grim Flayer Creatures (2/2) Human, Warrior 11 BlackGreen Mythic 
Hanweir Battlements Creatures (1/11) Knight 17 Colorless Rare 
Hanweir Garrison Creatures (5/6) Human, Soldier 15 Red Rare 
Heron's Grace Champion Creatures (6/6) Human, Knight 16 WhiteGreen Rare 
Impetuous Devils Creatures (6/1) Devil 3 Red Rare 
Imprisoned in the Moon Spells 3 Blue Rare 
Ishkanah, Grafwidow Creatures (7/9) Spider 21 Green Mythic 
Kessig Prowler Creatures (4/3) Horror, Werewolf 8 Green Uncommon 
Lashweed Lurker Creatures (5/4) Eldrazi, Horror 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Lone Rider Creatures (1/1) Human, Knight 4 White Uncommon 
Mercurial Geists Creatures (3/5) Spirit 10 BlueRed Uncommon 
Midnight Scavengers Creatures (3/3) Human, Rogue 10 Black Uncommon 
Mind's Dilation Supports (9) 8 Blue Mythic 
Mirrorwing Dragon Creatures (7/8) Dragon 20 Red Mythic 
Mockery of Nature Creatures (6/5) Beast, Eldrazi 16 Colorless Uncommon 
Mournwillow Creatures (4/3) Plant, Skeleton 16 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Nahiri's Wrath Spells 8 Red Mythic 
Nebelgast Herald Creatures (4/3) Spirit 9 Blue Uncommon 
Niblis of Frost Creatures (3/3) Spirit 7 Blue Rare 
Noosegraf Mob Creatures (6/6) Zombie 9 Black Rare 
Oath of Liliana Supports (3) 11 Black Rare 
Ruthless Disposal Spells 10 Black Uncommon 
Sanctifier of Souls Creatures (5/6) Cleric, Human 7 White Rare 
Selfless Spirit Creatures (6/5) Cleric, Spirit 10 White Rare 
Shreds of Sanity Spells 4 Red Uncommon 
Shrill Howler Creatures (4/2) Horror, Werewolf 15 Green Uncommon 
Smoldering Werewolf Creatures (3/2) Horror, Werewolf 14 Red Uncommon 
Spirit of the Hunt Creatures (6/6) Spirit, Wolf 18 Green Rare 
Stromkirk Condemned Creatures (6/6) Horror, Vampire 14 Black Rare 
Subjugator Angel Creatures (4/3) Angel 8 White Uncommon 
Tangleclaw Werewolf Creatures (2/4) Horror, Werewolf 11 Green Uncommon 
Thalia, Heretic Cathar Creatures (6/5) Human, Soldier 15 White Rare 
Tree of Perdition Creatures (1/13) Plant 18 Black Mythic 
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde Creatures (8/8) Human, Werewolf 18 RedGreen Mythic 
Ulvenwald Observer Creatures (6/6) Treefolk 14 Green Rare 
Vexing Scuttler Creatures (4/5) Eldrazi 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Voldaren Pariah Creatures (6/6) Horror, Vampire 14 Black Rare 
Weaver of Lightning Creatures (1/4) Human, Shaman 15 Red Uncommon 
Wharf Infiltrator Creatures (5/5) Horror, Human 13 Blue Rare 
Whispers of Emrakul Spells 3 Black Uncommon