Core Set 2020

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Core Set 2019 (M20)
M20 Symbol.png
Released Oct 2019 (version 3.8)
Release notes
Format Standard
WAR WAR    ←    M20 M20
Jun 2019              Oct 2019
Set mechanics Protection from color
Cards 216
Creatures124 · Spells38 · Supports54
Common60 · Uncommon60 · Rare50 · Mythic36 · Masterpiece10
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Core Set 2020 is the 18th expansion set of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, released in October 2019 in version 3.8 of the game. The set abbreviation is M20, and the set icon (Core Set 2020) is a stylized representation of the set abbreviation.


The Core Set 2020 set consists of 216 cards across all five rarities.

Core Set 2020 Core Set 2020   Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Template:Carddata:AetherGust Aether Gust Missing card data