From the Vault: Judgment

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From the Vault: Judgment (JUD)
JUD Symbol.png
Released Sep 2020 (version 4.4)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
M21 M21    ←    JUD JUD    →    ZNR ZNR
July 2020              Sep 2020              Oct 2020
Set mechanics No new mechanics added
Cards 64
Creatures40 · Spells17 · Supports7
Common0 · Uncommon30 · Rare20 · Mythic11 · Masterpiece3
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From the Vault: Judgment is the 26th expansion set of Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest, released in September 2020 in version 4.4 of the game. The set abbreviation is JUD, and the set icon (From the Vault: Judgment) depicts a set of scales.

The From the Vault sets are compiled into one group, but separate from Legacy cards, for Booster Crafting.

Like other From the Vault card sets, and unlike most Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest card sets:

  • Judgment was released out of sequence, retrospectively, compared to its paper Magic: the Gathering card set release in May of 2002.
  • Judgment was released directly into Legacy, and was never a Standard card set.


The From the Vault: Judgment set consists of 64 cards. The set has no Common cards.

As of late 2022, the probabilities of receiving a card of a given rarity from a single card pack of Judgement are :

Uncommon 94.02%
Rare 61.65%
Mythic 21.47%
Masterpiece 11.59%
From the Vault: Judgment From the Vault: Judgment   Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Card Set Series
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JUD From the Vault: Judgment From the Vault: Judgment