Zendikar vs Eldrazi

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Zendikar vs Eldrazi (ZVE)
ZVE Symbol.png
Released Sep 2018 (version 2.9)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
M19 M19    ←    ZVE ZVE    →    GRN GRN
Jul 2018              Sep 2018              Nov 2018
Set mechanics No new mechanics added
Cards 30
Creatures9 · Spells13 · Supports8
Rare18 · Mythic12
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Zendikar vs Eldrazi is the 14th Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest set, released in September 2018 in version 2.9 of the game. The set abbreviation is ZVE, and the set icon (ZVE) resembles half of a hedron, together with half of an Eldrazi tentacle.

The Zendikar vs Eldrazi Duel Decks event was released at the same time as this card set, and features cards from this card set. Nissa, Worldwaker (N4) and The Eldrazi Desolation (TED) are the Planeswalker combatants in the event, and were released around the same time as the set.

Unlike most card sets, normal ZVE booster packs cannot be purchased. Instead, the cards may be acquired from single-card rare-only and mythic-only packs.


The Zendikar vs Eldrazi set consists of 30 cards in only the Rare and Mythic rarities.

Zendikar vs Eldrazi Zendikar vs Eldrazi   Complete card list [Gallery at mtgpq.info]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
All Is Dust Spells 21 Colorless Mythic 
Artisan of Kozilek Creatures (10/9) 21 Colorless Mythic 
Avenger of Zendikar Creatures (8/8) 17 Green Mythic 
Bonds of Mortality Supports (3) 11 Green Mythic 
Corpsehatch Spells 9 Black Rare 
Eldrazi Conscription Spells 17 Colorless Mythic 
Eldrazi Displacer Creatures (5/5) 14 White Rare 
Eldrazi Mimic Creatures (3/2) 9 Colorless Rare 
Eldrazi Monument Supports (3) 12 Colorless Mythic 
Eldrazi Obligator Creatures (5/3) 9 Red Rare 
Eldrazi Temple Supports (3) 7 Colorless Rare 
Elemental Uprising Spells 10 Green Rare 
Eye of Ugin Supports (4) 7 Colorless Mythic 
Groundswell Spells 3 Green Rare 
Immolating Glare Spells 8 White Rare 
Mana Confluence Supports (4) 7 Colorless Mythic 
Momentous Fall Spells 9 Green Rare 
Munda, Ambush Leader Creatures (5/6) 14 WhiteRed Mythic 
Omnath, Locus of Mana Creatures (3/3) 15 Green Mythic 
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Supports (3) 9 Colorless Rare 
Path to Exile Spells 7 White Rare 
Planar Outburst Spells 14 White Mythic 
Roast Spells 5 Red Rare 
Ruins of Oran-Rief Supports (3) 8 Colorless Rare 
Sifter of Skulls Creatures (5/4) 13 Black Rare 
Skittering Invasion Spells 13 Colorless Rare 
Spawnsire of Ulamog Creatures (7/11) 21 Colorless Mythic 
Stasis Snare Supports (2) 7 White Rare 
Ultimate Price Spells 7 Black Rare 
Warping Wail Spells 9 Colorless Rare
Card Set Series
Card sets: Duel Decks
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