Guilds of Ravnica

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Guilds of Ravnica (GRN)
GRN Symbol.png
Released Nov 2018 (version 3.0)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
ZVE ZVE    ←    GRN GRN    →    RNA RNA
Sep 2018              Nov 2018              Mar 2019
Set mechanics ConvokeConvoke
Cards 200
Creatures100 · Spells63 · Supports37
Common60 · Uncommon55 · Rare40 · Mythic35 · Masterpiece10
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Guilds of Ravnica is the 15th expansion set of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, released in November 2018 in version 3.0 of the game. The set abbreviation is GRN, and the set icon (GRN) resembles a double-arched bridge.

Rising Tensions is a Legacy PvP event, released at the same time and featuring elements of the set. Run thrice weekly when released, its original version was popular for its Mythic rewards which could accumulated Mana orbs rapidly.

Tour de Ravnica is a Standard PvE Event, similarly released.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy, Sarkhan Unbroken and Vraska, Golgari Queen are Planeswalkers released at the same time as the set.


The Guilds of Ravnica set consists of 200 cards across all five rarities.

Guilds of Ravnica Guilds of Ravnica   Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Affectionate Indrik Creatures (4/4) Beast 11 Green Common 
Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran Creatures (5/5) Human, Soldier 17 WhiteRed Mythic 
Arboretum Elemental Creatures (8/6) Elemental 19 Green Uncommon 
Arclight Phoenix Creatures (4/3) Phoenix 15 Red Rare 
Artful Takedown Spells 8 BlueBlack Common 
Assassin's Trophy Spells 7 BlackGreen Rare 
Assure//Assemble Spells 5//8 WhiteGreen Rare 
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice Creatures (4/7) Angel 16 WhiteRed Mythic 
Barging Sergeant Creatures (4/2) Minotaur, Soldier 11 Red Common 
Barrier of Bones Creatures (1/4) Skeleton, Wall 9 Black Common 
Beacon Bolt Spells 9 BlueRed Uncommon 
Beamsplitter Mage Creatures (4/4) Wizard, Vedalken 11 BlueRed Uncommon 
Beast Whisperer Creatures (3/4) Druid, Elf 11 Green Uncommon 
Blood Operative Creatures (5/3) Assassin, Vampire 14 Black Rare 
Bloodbond March Supports (3) Enchantment 14 BlackGreen Masterpiece 
Bloodletter Quill Supports (6) Artifact 11 Colorless Masterpiece 
Book Devourer Creatures (4/5) Beast 14 Red Uncommon 
Boros Challenger Creatures (3/4) Human, Soldier 12 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Boros Guildgate Supports (2) Land, Gate 5 Colorless Common 
Boros Locket Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Bounty Agent Creatures (5/5) Human, Soldier 14 White Uncommon 
Bounty of Might Spells 7 Green Rare 
Camaraderie Spells 15 WhiteGreen Rare 
Centaur Peacemaker Creatures (3/3) Centaur, Cleric 9 WhiteGreen Common 
Chamber Sentry Creatures (1/1) Construct, Artifact 6 Colorless Mythic 
Chance for Glory Spells 13 WhiteRed Mythic 
Charnel Troll Creatures (5/5) Troll 14 BlackGreen Mythic 
Chord of Calling Spells 9 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Chorus of the Conclave Creatures (3/7) Dryad 12 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Circu, Dimir Lobotomist Creatures (5/6) Human, Wizard 14 BlueBlack Mythic 
Circuitous Route Spells 8 Green Common 
Citywide Bust Spells 11 White Rare 
Collar the Culprit Spells 7 White Common 
Conclave Cavalier Creatures (5/5) Centaur, Knight 14 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Conclave Guildmage Creatures (5/5) Cleric, Elf 13 WhiteGreen Rare 
Conclave Tribunal Supports (2) Enchantment 12 White Uncommon 
Connive//Concoct Spells 7//8 BlueBlack Rare 
Cosmotronic Wave Spells 6 Red Uncommon 
Crackling Drake Creatures (0/5) Drake 14 BlueRed Uncommon 
Creeping Chill Spells 10 Black Uncommon 
Crown of Convergence Supports (4) Artifact 15 Colorless Masterpiece 
Crush Contraband Spells 9 White Uncommon 
Darkblade Agent Creatures (2/3) Assassin, Human 12 BlueBlack Common 
Dawn of Hope Supports (4) Enchantment 10 White Rare 
Deadly Visit Spells 9 Black Common 
Deafening Clarion Spells 8 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Devious Cover-Up Spells 8 Blue Rare 
Dimir Guildgate Supports (2) Land, Gate 5 Colorless Common 
Dimir Informant Creatures (1/4) Human, Rogue 7 Blue Common 
Dimir Locket Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Dimir Spybug Creatures (2/2) Insect 10 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Direct Current Spells 5 Red Common 
Discovery//Dispersal Spells 4//9 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Disinformation Campaign Supports (2) Enchantment 8 BlueBlack Uncommon 
District Guide Creatures (2/2) Elf, Scout 7 Green Common 
Divine Visitation Supports (3) Enchantment 15 White Mythic 
Doom Whisperer Creatures (6/6) Demon, Nightmare 14 Black Mythic 
Dream Eater Creatures (7/6) Nightmare, Sphinx 16 Blue Mythic 
Drowned Secrets Supports (3) Enchantment 5 Blue Rare 
Electrostatic Field Creatures (0/4) Wall 10 Red Common 
Emmara, Soul of the Accord Creatures (4/4) Cleric, Elf 9 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Enhanced Surveillance Supports (3) Enchantment 6 Blue Uncommon 
Erratic Cyclops Creatures (1/8) Shaman, Cyclops 11 Red Rare 
Erstwhile Trooper Creatures (2/2) Soldier, Zombie 8 BlackGreen Common 
Etrata, the Silencer Creatures (5/7) Assassin, Vampire 16 BlueBlack Mythic 
Expansion//Explosion Spells 11//10 BlueRed Rare 
Experimental Frenzy Supports (3) Enchantment 8 Red Mythic 
Find//Finality Spells 11//11 BlackGreen Rare 
Firemane Angel Creatures (6/6) Angel 17 WhiteRed Masterpiece 
Firemind's Research Supports (4) Enchantment 8 BlueRed Mythic 
Flight of Equenauts Creatures (4/5) Human, Knight 15 White Common 
Flower//Flourish Spells 3//9 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Fresh-Faced Recruit Creatures (2/1) Human, Soldier 5 WhiteRed Common 
Garrison Sergeant Creatures (3/3) Soldier, Viashino 10 WhiteRed Common 
Gatekeeper Gargoyle Creatures (3/3) Gargoyle, Artifact 13 Colorless Uncommon 
Gateway Plaza Supports (3) Land, Gate 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Glaive of the Guildpact Supports (3) Equipment, Artifact 4 Colorless Common 
Glimpse the Unthinkable Spells 9 BlueBlack Masterpiece 
Glowspore Shaman Creatures (4/2) Elf, Shaman 9 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Goblin Banneret Creatures (1/1) Goblin, Soldier 4 Red Uncommon 
Goblin Cratermaker Creatures (2/2) Goblin, Warrior 7 Red Uncommon 
Goblin Electromancer Creatures (2/2) Goblin, Wizard 9 BlueRed Common 
Golgari Findbroker Creatures (4/5) Elf, Shaman 14 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Golgari Guildgate Supports (2) Land, Gate 5 Colorless Common 
Golgari Locket Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Golgari Raiders Creatures (2/2) Elf, Warrior 13 Green Uncommon 
Gravitic Punch Spells 7 Red Common 
Gruesome Menagerie Spells 13 Black Mythic 
Guild Summit Supports (2) Enchantment 7 Blue Uncommon 
Guildmages' Forum Supports (3) Land 10 Colorless Mythic 
Haazda Marshal Creatures (2/2) Human, Soldier 8 White Uncommon 
Hammer Dropper Creatures (5/2) Giant, Soldier 9 WhiteRed Common 
Hatchery Spider Creatures (3/5) Spider 13 Green Mythic 
House Guildmage Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 13 BlueBlack Rare 
Hunted Witness Creatures (1/1) Human 4 White Common 
Hypothesizzle Spells 13 BlueRed Common 
Inescapable Blaze Spells 12 Red Uncommon 
Integrity//Intervention Spells 2//7 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Invert//Invent Spells 9//9 BlueRed Uncommon 
Ionize Spells 9 BlueRed Uncommon 
Izoni, Thousand-Eyed Creatures (4/5) Elf, Shaman 14 BlackGreen Mythic 
Izzet Guildgate Supports (2) Land, Gate 5 Colorless Common 
Izzet Locket Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Join Shields Spells 13 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Justice Strike Spells 6 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Knight of Autumn Creatures (3/2) Dryad, Knight 10 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Kraul Foragers Creatures (4/4) Insect, Scout 11 Green Uncommon 
Kraul Harpooner Creatures (3/2) Insect, Warrior 10 Green Common 
Lazav, the Multifarious Creatures (3/5) Shapeshifter 10 BlueBlack Mythic 
League Guildmage Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 13 BlueRed Rare 
Leapfrog Creatures (3/1) Frog 6 Blue Common 
Ledev Champion Creatures (2/2) Elf, Knight 10 WhiteGreen Common 
Legion Guildmage Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 13 WhiteRed Rare 
Legion Warboss Creatures (4/4) Goblin, Soldier 10 Red Mythic 
Light of the Legion Creatures (6/6) Angel 16 White Rare 
Lotleth Giant Creatures (6/5) Giant, Zombie 15 Black Uncommon 
Loxodon Restorer Creatures (3/4) Cleric, Elephant 13 White Common 
March of the Multitudes Spells 8 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Mausoleum Secrets Spells 7 Black Rare 
Maximize Altitude Spells 5 Blue Common 
Maximize Velocity Spells 5 Red Common 
Mephitic Vapors Spells 8 Black Common 
Mission Briefing Spells 11 Blue Uncommon 
Mizzium Transreliquat Supports (3) Artifact 11 Colorless Masterpiece 
Mnemonic Betrayal Spells 11 BlueBlack Mythic 
Molderhulk Creatures (6/6) Fungus, Zombie 17 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Moodmark Painter Creatures (2/3) Human, Shaman 8 Black Common 
Murmuring Mystic Creatures (2/6) Human, Wizard 11 Blue Common 
Narcomoeba Creatures (2/2) Illusion 10 Blue Uncommon 
Necrotic Wound Spells 6 Black Rare 
Nightveil Predator Creatures (4/4) Vampire 14 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Niv-Mizzet, Parun Creatures (8/8) Dragon, Wizard 20 BlueRed Mythic 
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Creatures (6/6) Dragon, Wizard 15 BlueRed Mythic 
Notion Rain Spells 6 BlueBlack Common 
Nullhide Ferox Creatures (8/8) Beast 12 Green Mythic 
Ochran Assassin Creatures (1/1) Assassin, Elf 6 BlackGreen Common 
Omnispell Adept Creatures (4/5) Human, Wizard 12 Blue Rare 
Overgrown Tomb Supports (3) Land, Swamp Forest 8 Colorless Rare 
Pack's Favor Spells 5 Green Common 
Parhelion Patrol Creatures (2/3) Human, Knight 8 White Common 
Pause for Reflection Spells 11 Green Rare 
Pelt Collector Creatures (3/3) Elf, Warrior 9 Green Rare 
Piston-Fist Cyclops Creatures (4/3) Cyclops 11 BlueRed Common 
Plague Boiler Supports (3) Artifact 13 Colorless Masterpiece 
Plaguecrafter Creatures (3/2) Human, Shaman 8 Black Uncommon 
Price of Fame Spells 9 Black Uncommon 
Quasiduplicate Spells 11 Blue Rare 
Radical Idea Spells 3 Blue Common 
Rampaging Monument Creatures (2/2) Cleric, Artifact 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Razia, Boros Archangel Creatures (9/4) Angel 16 WhiteRed Mythic 
Response//Resurgence Spells 4//10 WhiteRed Rare 
Rhizome Lurcher Creatures (2/2) Fungus, Zombie 12 BlackGreen Common 
Risk Factor Spells 11 Red Rare 
Ritual of Soot Spells 11 Black Rare 
Rosemane Centaur Creatures (4/4) Centaur, Soldier 13 WhiteGreen Common 
Runaway Steam-Kin Creatures (2/2) Elemental 9 Red Rare 
Sacred Foundry Supports (3) Land, Mountain Plains 8 Colorless Rare 
Savra, Queen of the Golgari Creatures (4/4) Elf, Shaman 11 BlackGreen Mythic 
Selesnya Guildgate Supports (2) Land, Gate 5 Colorless Common 
Selesnya Locket Supports (3) Artifact 14 Colorless Uncommon 
Severed Strands Spells 7 Black Common 
Sisters of Stone Death Creatures (7/5) Gorgon 13 BlackGreen Mythic 
Skyknight Legionnaire Creatures (2/2) Human, Knight 9 WhiteRed Common 
Sonic Assault Spells 12 BlueRed Common 
Sprouting Renewal Spells 9 Green Uncommon 
Status//Statue Spells 6//10 BlackGreen Uncommon 
Steam Vents Supports (3) Land, Island Mountain 8 Colorless Rare 
Stitch in Time Spells 10 BlueRed Masterpiece 
Street Riot Supports (2) Enchantment 14 Red Common 
Sunforger Supports (6) Equipment, Artifact 17 Colorless Masterpiece 
Swarm Guildmage Creatures (5/5) Elf, Shaman 13 BlackGreen Rare 
Swiftblade Vindicator Creatures (3/3) Human, Soldier 11 WhiteRed Rare 
Sworn Companions Spells 7 White Common 
Szadek, Lord of Secrets Creatures (7/7) Vampire 19 BlueBlack Mythic 
Tajic, Legion's Edge Creatures (6/5) Human, Soldier 15 WhiteRed Mythic 
Take Heart Spells 7 White Common 
Temple Garden Supports (3) Land, Forest Plains 8 Colorless Rare 
Thief of Sanity Creatures (4/4) Specter 15 BlueBlack Rare 
Thought Erasure Spells 6 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Thoughtbound Phantasm Creatures (2/4) Spirit 10 Blue Common 
Thousand-Year Storm Supports (4) Enchantment 14 BlueRed Mythic 
Tibor and Lumia Creatures (5/5) Human, Wizard 14 BlueRed Mythic 
Tolsimir Wolfblood Creatures (4/5) Elf, Warrior 14 WhiteGreen Masterpiece 
Trostani Discordant Creatures (3/6) Dryad 17 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Truefire Captain Creatures (5/4) Human, Knight 14 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Undercity Uprising Spells 10 BlackGreen Common 
Underrealm Lich Creatures (7/6) Elf, Shaman, Zombie 15 BlackGreen Mythic 
Unexplained Disappearance Spells 6 Blue Common 
Unmoored Ego Spells 6 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Urban Utopia Supports (2) Aura, Enchantment 9 Green Common 
Venerated Loxodon Creatures (5/5) Cleric, Elephant 15 White Rare 
Vicious Rumors Spells 6 Black Common 
Vivid Revival Spells 11 Green Rare 
Wand of Vertebrae Supports (6) Artifact 7 Colorless Rare 
Watcher in the Mist Creatures (3/4) Spirit 10 Blue Common 
Watery Grave Supports (3) Land, Island Swamp 8 Colorless Rare 
Wee Dragonauts Creatures (1/3) Faerie, Wizard 10 BlueRed Common 
Whisper Agent Creatures (3/2) Human, Rogue 7 BlueBlack Common 
Whispering Snitch Creatures (2/4) Rogue, Vampire 11 Black Uncommon 
Worldsoul Colossus Creatures (1/1) Elemental 10 WhiteGreen Common