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A Bracket is a block of players whose scores are competing against each other in a PvP event.

You are entered into a bracket when you tap/click the "Join Event" button on the Activity Hub or Event screen in-game.

Event brackets are generally sized at no larger than 3,000 players, and sometimes smaller.

Your ranking for purposes of individual rewards is determined by how your score compared to the scores of others in your bracket. You may have battles against players in other brackets, but their scores don't affect your ranking.

When the last bracket is full and another player joins the event, a new bracket is formed with that player in it. Any player joining the event after that is placed into the new bracket.


  • Sometimes a new bracket is formed very close to the end of an event. In this case it is possible to get high Ranking Rewards without playing the entire event, sometimes without even playing a single fight in the event. This is usually referred to as "Bracket Sniping" and carries significant risk, as it is extremely difficult to meet Progression Rewards, and it requires luck to get into the top of a new Bracket rather than the bottom of an old Bracket.