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In Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest, games are won or lost by the cards you and your opponent plays. A major strategy element is the selection of 10 owned cards to form a Deck to take into a game.

New sets of cards are continuously released, opening up new strategies, synergies, and game mechanics for players who acquire them in Card packs or as Event rewards.

Card types

Cards come in three types: Creature, Spell, and Support.

Creature-Icon.png Creature Creature cards enter play in one of your three available creature slots. Creatures have Power (attack strength) and Toughness (health). Creatures automatically attack each turn after they come into play. Playing the same creature card again Reinforces an existing creature (adds to its Power and Toughness).
Spell-Icon.png Spell Spell cards perform a one-off effect, such as drawing more cards, healing, doing damage, or interfering with the opponent's hand of cards.
Support-Icon.png Support Support cards enter play as a support Gem on the Gem board, and have an ongoing effect on the game. Supports in play have a shield value which decreases by one each time the support gem is matched. If the shield value reaches zero, the support is destroyed.

Cards may have a Color, sometimes more than one, or they may be colorless. Each Planeswalker has affinity for one or more colors, and may only use a deck comprising cards of those colors, or colorless cards.

Cards often have Abilities which appear on multiple cards. Cards may also have unique effects, described in the card text.

During the game

During play, cards are drawn from your library, which is formed from unlimited copies of the 10 cards in your deck. One card is automatically drawn each turn, and some cards have abilities which allow extra cards tobe drawn.

Mana generated by matching gems is added to the cards in your hand, starting from the top. Cards have a casting cost, which is an amount of mana required to play the card. After you make a match, any cards whose casting cost is fully paid may be played.