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Each Planeswalker comes with three Theme decks aimed at different levels of play. Theme decks are intended as a tool to help newer players with constructing Decks. Theme decks were added in April 2017 in Release 2.0 of the game.


Each theme deck is a deck of 10 preset cards. Theme decks have no effect until all cards in the deck have been collected.

Although there are exceptions, the different levels of theme deck typically have the following composition.

Theme deck Composition
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare Rare Mythic Mythic Masterpiece Masterpiece
Beginner deck 3-5 4-6 0-2 0 0
Expert deck 2-3 3-4 3-4 1 0
Master deck 0-2 1-4 2-4 2-3 0


Once all cards in a Theme deck are obtained, the Theme deck acts like a Deck slot with a preset deck which can't be changed.

Each theme deck completed grants a one-off reward.

Theme deck Completion reward
Beginner deck 1,000 Mana Runes
Expert deck 5 Mana Jewels
Master deck 20 Mana Jewels