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Mastery is a system introduced in July 2016 (version 1.5.8) to separate players into Tiers, based on the number of cards they have mastered.

Cards are mastered by gaining experience for those cards. Winning Story Mode and Event battles give the cards in your deck experience, or XP. Higher rarity cards take more XP to master, but award more Mastery points. Since January 2019 (version 3.2), XP gained in cards is also gained by the player, and counts toward the player's Level.

Mastery Points

When a card reaches full XP and becomes Mastered, you gain Mastery Points for each of the card's colors based on the card's rarity. Colorless cards provide half of the usual Mastery Points, but for all 5 colors.

Once a card becomes mastered, you can never gain any more experience or Mastery Points from that card.

Card Rarity XP Needed to Master Mastery Points Gained
Common Common 100 2
Uncommon Uncommon 200 4
Rare Rare 400 8
Mythic Mythic 800 16
Masterpiece Masterpiece 800 16

Mastery Tiers

There are four Mastery Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier takes progressively more Mastery Points to reach.

Tier Mastery Points needed
For this tier Cumulative
Bronze 0 0
Silver 100 100
Gold 150 250
Platinum 250 500

When opponents are selected for you to face in events, they will only be selected from within your Tier.

Playing an event at higher tiers often earns slightly better rewards (more Mana Runes, Mana Crystals and Mana Jewels), but pits you against stronger PvP opponents.

A separate Mastery tier is maintained for each Color. When you enter an event, you are placed into the highest Tier among your colors that is represented by a node in the event.

Example: If an event has a Red Node, a Green Node, and a Black Node, you are placed into the highest tier you have reached between Red, Green, and Black.


  • Since the PvP competition gets significantly harder each time you tier up, it is usually recommended that players do not go out of their way to tier up until they can win matches consistently at their current Tier.