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Booster Crafting, or just Crafting, was introduced in December 2017 as a way for players to indirectly convert duplicate cards into new cards, in a semi-targeted manner. Duplicate cards get converted into Mana Orbs (Mana Orbs), and Crafting converts Orbs into new cards.

Crafting cards

Crafting allows you to choose the set and the rarity to craft. The magnifying glass allows the player to see the list of possible cards which can be crafted from the selection.

The crafted card is a guaranteed non-duplicate card. When crafting a card, players select a card set and a rarity. The selected set and rarity determine both the card pool from which the crafted card comes from, and the Orb cost of the crafted card.

A player may not craft cards from a set and rarity in which they own all the cards.

Card set

Any Standard set may be individually selected for crafting, with one exception: the newest set cannot be crafted for a limited time after release. Typically, the newest set becomes craftable a month after release.

On the other hand, Legacy sets cannot be targeted individually; instead, a crafted Legacy card may come from any Legacy card set.

Legacy and Origins cards can be crafted more cheaply than Standard cards. Conversely, the newest craftable card set is more expensive to craft.


Common, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic cards can be selected for crafting for increasing amounts of Orbs.

Masterpiece cards cannot usually be crafted. A VIP reward allows crafting of Masterpiece cards.

Crafting costs

Card Rarity Origins Legacy Standard Newest Craftable
Masterpiece Masterpiece * 6,000 Mana Orbs 6,000 Mana Orbs 10,000 Mana Orbs 15,000 Mana Orbs
Mythic Mythic 3,000 Mana Orbs 3,000 Mana Orbs 5,000 Mana Orbs 7,500 Mana Orbs
Rare Rare 600 Mana Orbs 600 Mana Orbs 1,000 Mana Orbs 1,500 Mana Orbs
Uncommon Uncommon 300 Mana Orbs 300 Mana Orbs 500 Mana Orbs 750 Mana Orbs
Common Common 60 Mana Orbs 60 Mana Orbs 100 Mana Orbs 150 Mana Orbs

* Masterpiece cards are only craftable via a VIP reward

Obtaining orbs

Orbs are earned from duplicate cards. Duplicate cards are automatically converted into Orbs and Runes. 50% additional Orbs are provided if the duplicate card is from a set which cannot yet be crafted.

Card Rarity Converted to
Craftable set Non-craftable set
Masterpiece Masterpiece 2,500 Mana Orbs · 2,500 Mana Runes 3,750 Mana Orbs · 2,500 Mana Runes
Mythic Mythic 500 Mana Orbs · 500 Mana Runes 750 Mana Orbs · 500 Mana Runes
Rare Rare 100 Mana Orbs · 100 Mana Runes 150 Mana Orbs · 100 Mana Runes
Uncommon Uncommon 20 Mana Orbs · 20 Mana Runes 30 Mana Orbs · 20 Mana Runes
Common Common 10 Mana Orbs · 10 Mana Runes 15 Mana Orbs · 10 Mana Runes


  • Spend Crystals (Mana Crystals) on newly released sets to benefit from the 50% bonus Orbs from duplicates.
  • Newer players should focus on crafting Origins as its card packs have lower drop rates and it is cheaper to craft than the other Standard sets. Additionally, Origins will not rotate out of Standard.
  • Crafting Mythics from a specific set increases your chances of pulling Masterpieces from the 400 Mana Jewels Mythic+ Elite packs of that set. Craft all the Mythics in the Elite Pack's card pool and you are guaranteed to pull a Masterpiece from the 400 Mana Jewels Mythic+ Elite Pack.