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Quest journals
For new players
The Guiding Journal [4,000 Mana Runes · 125 Mana Crystals · Origins · Core Set 2021]
For all players
Quest Journal 1 [9,500 Mana Runes · 30 Mana Crystals · Core Set 2019 · Core Set 2020]
Quest Journal 2 [7,500 Mana Runes · 15 Mana Crystals · Core Set 2019 · Core Set 2020]
Quest Journal 3 [9,000 Mana Runes · Core Set 2019 · Core Set 2020]
Quest Journal 4 [10,000 Mana Runes · 30 Mana Crystals · Core Set 2020]
Quest Journal 5 [9,500 Mana Runes · 30 Mana Crystals · Core Set 2021]
Quest Journal 6 [9,000 Mana Runes · 10 Mana Crystals · Core Set 2021]
Quest Journal 7 [9,000 Mana Runes · 20 Mana Crystals · Origins]

The Quest Journal system provides Quests which can be completed to earn rewards. Quest Journals first became available to all players in January 2021.

Different journals exist, each with their own themes, quests, and rewards.

  • The Guiding Journal - This journal is designed for new players, and is the first journal available to a player. Unlike other journals, quests in this journal are replenished immediately upon completion.
  • Quest Journal - After the Guiding Journal is completed, these regular journals are encountered. The next quest journal in the cycle becomes available each Tuesday at 3PM UTC. These unnamed quest journals were originally called Welcome Journals. A maximum of nine quests can be completed (the starting day's three and one for each of the following six days).


Quests are specific actions or objectives, such as drawing a certain number of cards or winning a certain number of fights.

A maximum of 3 quests are available at once. Quests are assigned randomly out of the current journal.


Rewards are obtained in two ways from a Quest Journal:

  • Quest completion - Completing a quest provides a pre-determined amount of XP for that quest, typically in the hundreds of XP.
  • Journal rewards - Reaching a certain number of quests completed within the current Quest Journal provides a pre-determined number of Runes, Crystals, Cards, or Card packs.

When all rewards in a journal have been claimed, the final reward is repeated. Weekly quest journals 1-7 have an initial progression of 7 quests and final progression step needing 2 quests. Since a total of 9 quests may be completed per week (3 quests on day 1, with +1 quest on days 2-7) this means the final journal reward can be repeated once on these journals.

Journal Time limit Max quests Avg XP Maximum possible rewards
Mana Runes Mana Crystals Rare Packs Booster packs Other
The Guiding Journal No limit 15 95 4,000 125 - ORI, M21, Nissa x2 Conclave Naturalists
Quest Journal 1 7 days 9 391 9,500 30 M20 M19
Quest Journal 2 7 days 9 347 7,500 15 M20 M19
Quest Journal 3 7 days 9 293 9,000 - M20 M19
Quest Journal 4 7 days 9 307 10,000 30 M20 -
Quest Journal 5 7 days 9 347 9,500 30 - M21
Quest Journal 6 7 days 9 293 9,000 10 M21 -
Quest Journal 7 7 days 9 307 9,000 20 - ORI

Getting new quests

When a new Quest Journal starts, all 3 quest slots are filled with quests from the journal. Upon completing a quest's conditions, its reward can be claimed, and the slot becomes empty. A single quest is replenished per day, as long as there is an empty quest slot.

If a quest isn't to a player's liking, the quest can be rerolled (replaced with another random quest from the same journal). The first reroll each day is free; further rerolls on the same day cost large numbers of crystals.

Reroll # Cost
1 Free
2 75 Mana Crystals
3 100 Mana Crystals
4 150 Mana Crystals
5+ 500 Mana Crystals

Quest Journals reset periodically, generally weekly. When this happens, progress through the Journal is reset, and a new journal is provided with all 3 quest slots filled.

Guiding Journal

Unlike ordinary journals, The Guiding Journal replenishes a new quest every time a quest is completed. Guiding journal quests can't be rerolled. The Guiding Journal also isn't limited by a timer. Instead, it's replaced with a regular journal only after all rewards have been earned.