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Coalitions are a social and competitive aspect of Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest. Coalitions compete against each other for additional rewards from coalition Events.

A single coalition holds up to 20 players.

Joining or starting a coalition


The option to create or join a coalition is provided after pressing the "Coalitions" button on the in-game main menu. Players can only be part of one coalition at any one time.

Coalition events

Coalition Events can only be joined by players in a coalition. Coalition rewards are earned by all players in a coalition at the point when a coalition event ends. All members of the same coalition receive the same reward. The size of the reward depends on how the coalition ranked in the event.

Players' scores only contribute to the coalition score in an event if they joined the coalition before they joined the event.

Coalition event objectives points structure is equal for the win and secondary objectives: five points for the win, three for one objective, and two for the other. This puts their objectives at the midpoint of relative worth; other events give five points to all objectives (twice the win) or four, two, one (75% of win points).

Coalition features

Coalitions have the following features.

Search: Players can search for coalitions either through the random search which generates a list of coalitions with empty slots available, or through the name search which will show coalitions with the search term in their name. Coalitions which are full (20 out of 20 players) will not show up on any searches.

Public or private: Coalitions can be either public or private. Public coalitions will show up on the random search list whereas private coalitions can only be found by searching for them by name (with exact capitalisation).

In-game coalition chat: Being in a coalition will allow a player to send messages through an in-game chat to all the other players in their coalition. The chat will also notify players of significant coalition occurrences like a player joining or leaving the coalition.

All-time score: The total score each member has accumulated over all coalition events is provided in an all-time score table. If a player leaves a coalition, their all-time coalition score is reset to zero.


The player who creates the coalition becomes the leader of the coalition. The leader is granted several additional abilities for managing of their coalition.

Customizing the Coalition: The leader can customize the logo and name of the coalition, or set the coalition to be public or private. Each time a customization is made, the leader must pay a 50 Mana Crystals fee.

Kicking a Player: The leader can eject a player from the coalition at any time, including during coalition events.

Changing Leadership: The leader can select a player in the coalition to pass on leadership responsibilities to. If a leader leaves a coalition, the remaining member with the highest all-time coalition score automatically becomes the new leader.