Hour of Devastation

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Hour of Devastation (HOU)
HOU Symbol.png
Released Jul 2017 (version 2.2)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
AKH AKH    ←    HOU HOU    →    XLN XLN
May 2017              Jul 2017              Feb 2018
Set mechanics AfflictAfflict
Cards 190
Creatures96 · Spells72 · Supports22
Common60 · Uncommon55 · Rare40 · Mythic25 · Masterpiece10
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Hour of Devastation is the ninth Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest set, released in July 2017 in version 2.2 of the game. The set abbreviation is HOU, and the set icon (HOU) resembles Nicol Bolas's horns.

Hour of Revelation and Hour of Devastation are both Legacy coalition PvP events released at the same time and featuring elements of the set.

Return of the God-Pharaoh is a Legacy PvE event, similarly released.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and Samut, the Tested are Planeswalkers released at the same time as the set. All of the other Planeswalkers have the mana bonus total that was to become the standard in later sets, but Samut has seven in total; one less than most dual color Planeswalkers.


The Hour of Devastation set consists of 190 cards across all rarities, plus full art variants of 3 of those cards.

HOU was the first Hibernum even-numbered release that was not added to the pool of cards of the previous release. HOU stands alone; its cards have their own packs, they are offered as rewards in its own events, and it has Commons. Previous second sets had none of these things. Eldritch Moon cards were added to Shadows over Innistrad packs, Oath of the Gatewatch to Battle for Zendikar, and Aether Revolt was rolled into Kaladesh.

As sometimes happens, an ability introduced in a previous set (in this case CyclingCycling from the set immediately prior, AKH) was added; 21 HOU cards have Cycling.

Hour of Devastation Hour of Devastation   Complete card list [Gallery at mtgpq.info]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Abrade Spells 13 Red Uncommon 
Accursed Horde Creatures (6/6) Zombie 13 Black Rare 
Act of Heroism Spells 2 White Common 
Adorned Pouncer Creatures (1/1) Cat 6 White Rare 
Aerial Guide Creatures (2/2) Drake 10 Blue Common 
Ambuscade Spells 7 Green Uncommon 
Ammit Eternal Creatures (6/6) Demon, Zombie, Crocodile 10 Black Rare 
Angel of Condemnation Creatures (6/6) Angel 22 White Mythic 
Angel of the God-Pharaoh Creatures (4/4) Angel 10 White Uncommon 
Apocalypse Demon Creatures (1/1) Demon 15 Black Mythic 
Appeal//Authority Spells 5 WhiteGreen Uncommon 
Armageddon Spells 18 White Masterpiece 
Avatar of Woe Creatures (12/12) 30 Black Masterpiece 
Aven of Enduring Hope Creatures (2/2) Bird 8 White Common 
Aven Reedstalker Creatures (2/3) Bird, Warrior 11 Blue Common 
Banewhip Punisher Creatures (2/2) Human, Warrior 12 Black Uncommon 
Beneath the Sands Spells 10 Green Common 
Bitterbow Sharpshooters Creatures (4/4) Archer, Jackal 12 Green Uncommon 
Bloodwater Entity Creatures (2/2) Elemental 15 BlueRed Uncommon 
Blur of Blades Spells 8 Red Common 
Boil Spells 6 Red Masterpiece 
Bontu's Last Reckoning Spells 12 Black Rare 
Burning-Fist Minotaur Creatures (6/5) Minotaur, Wizard 14 Red Rare 
Carrion Screecher Creatures (3/1) Bird, Zombie 8 Black Common 
Champion of Wits Creatures (2/1) Wizard, Naga 9 Blue Rare 
Chandra's Defeat Spells 3 Red Uncommon 
Chaos Maw Creatures (6/6) Hellion 17 Red Rare 
Choke Supports (3) 6 Green Masterpiece 
Claim//Fame Spells 11 BlackRed Uncommon 
Consign//Oblivion Spells 7 BlueBlack Uncommon 
Countervailing Winds Spells 7 Blue Common 
Crash Through Spells 8 Red Common 
Crested Sunmare Creatures (5/5) Horse 12 White Mythic 
Crook of Condemnation Supports (3) 4 Colorless Uncommon 
Crumbling Necropolis Supports (3) 13 Colorless Uncommon 
Cunning Survivor Creatures (1/3) Human, Warrior 7 Blue Common 
Dagger of the Worthy Supports (3) 4 Colorless Uncommon 
Dauntless Aven Creatures (2/1) Bird, Warrior 6 White Common 
Defiant Khenra Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Jackal 5 Red Common 
Desert of the Fervent Spells Desert 4 Red Common 
Desert of the Glorified Spells Desert 1 Black Common 
Desert of the Indomitable Spells Desert 5 Green Common 
Desert of the Mindful Spells Desert 3 Blue Common 
Desert of the True Spells Desert 6 White Common 
Desert's Hold Supports (1) 4 White Uncommon 
Devotee of Strength Creatures (4/3) Wizard, Naga 9 Green Uncommon 
Disposal Mummy Creatures (1/3) Zombie, Jackal 8 White Common 
Djeru, With Eyes Open Creatures (4/3) Human, Warrior 14 White Mythic 
Djeru's Renunciation Spells 3 White Common 
Doomfall Spells 11 Black Rare 
Dreamstealer Creatures (1/2) Human, Wizard 16 Black Rare 
Driven//Despair Spells 11 BlackGreen Rare 
Dune Diviner Creatures (2/3) Cleric, Naga 7 Green Uncommon 
Dunes of the Dead Spells Desert 2 Colorless Uncommon 
Dutiful Servants Creatures (2/5) Zombie 10 White Common 
Earthshaker Khenra Creatures (2/1) Warrior, Jackal 7 Red Rare 
Endless Sands Spells Desert 12 Colorless Rare 
Eternal of Harsh Truths Creatures (2/4) Cleric, Zombie 14 Blue Uncommon 
Farm//Market Supports (1) 10 WhiteBlue Uncommon 
Feral Prowler Creatures (1/3) Cat 13 Green Common 
Fervent Paincaster Creatures (3/1) Human, Wizard 9 Red Uncommon 
Firebrand Archer Creatures (3/2) Archer, Human 9 Red Uncommon 
Fraying Sanity Supports (3) Aura, Curse 20 Blue Mythic 
Frilled Sandwalla Creatures (1/1) Lizard 4 Green Common 
Frontline Devastator Creatures (2/2) Minotaur, Warrior, Zombie 14 Red Common 
Gideon's Defeat Supports (2) 9 White Rare 
Gift of Strength Spells 6 Green Uncommon 
Gilded Cerodon Creatures (2/2) Beast 6 Red Common 
God-Pharaoh's Faithful Creatures (0/4) Human, Wizard 4 White Uncommon 
God-Pharaoh's Gift Supports (3) 11 Colorless Rare 
Granitic Titan Creatures (5/4) Elemental 11 Red Uncommon 
Graven Abomination Creatures (3/1) Horror 5 Colorless Common 
Grind//Dust Spells 13 WhiteBlack Rare 
Grisly Survivor Creatures (1/2) Minotaur, Warrior 5 Black Common 
Harrier Naga Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Naga 6 Green Common 
Hashep Oasis Spells Desert 4 Colorless Uncommon 
Hazoret's Undying Fury Spells 21 Red Rare 
Hollow One Creatures (6/6) Golem 16 Colorless Rare 
Hope Tender Creatures (4/4) Druid, Human 13 Green Uncommon 
Hostile Desert Spells Desert 9 Colorless Rare 
Hour of Devastation Spells 15 Red Mythic 
Hour of Eternity Spells 13 Blue Mythic 
Hour of Glory Spells 11 Black Mythic 
Hour of Promise Spells 11 Green Mythic 
Hour of Revelation Spells 18 White Mythic 
Ifnir Deadlands Spells Desert 5 Colorless Uncommon 
Imaginary Threats Spells 5 Blue Rare 
Imminent Doom Supports (1) 10 Red Mythic 
Inferno Jet Spells 10 Red Rare 
Ipnu Rivulet Spells Desert 11 Colorless Uncommon 
Jace's Defeat Supports (2) 6 Blue Uncommon 
Kefnet's Last Word Spells 11 Blue Rare 
Khenra Eternal Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Zombie, Jackal 8 Black Common 
Khenra Scrapper Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Jackal 6 Red Common 
Kindled Fury Spells 1 Red Common 
Leave//Chance Spells 13 WhiteRed Rare 
Lethal Sting Spells 3 Black Common 
Life Goes On Spells 6 Green Common 
Liliana's Defeat Spells 9 Black Uncommon 
Lord of Extinction Creatures (1/1) Elemental 21 BlackGreen Masterpiece 
Lurching Rotbeast Creatures (4/2) Beast, Zombie 10 Black Common 
Magmaroth Creatures (6/6) Elemental 8 Red Rare 
Majestic Myriarch Creatures (1/1) Chimera 14 Green Mythic 
Manalith Supports (3) 5 Colorless Common 
Manticore Eternal Creatures (5/4) Zombie, Manticore 10 Red Uncommon 
Marauding Boneslasher Creatures (2/2) Minotaur, Zombie 6 Black Common 
Merciless Eternal Creatures (2/2) Cleric, Zombie 20 Black Uncommon 
Moaning Wall Creatures (1/5) Wall, Zombie 15 Black Common 
Mummy Paramount Creatures (2/2) Zombie 5 White Common 
Neheb, the Eternal Creatures (7/9) Minotaur, Warrior, Zombie 18 Red Mythic 
Nimble Obstructionist Creatures (6/5) Bird, Wizard 18 Blue Rare 
Nissa's Defeat Spells 7 Green Uncommon 
No Mercy Supports (3) 12 Black Masterpiece 
Oasis Ritualist Creatures (1/3) Druid, Naga 8 Green Common 
Obelisk Spider Creatures (1/11) Spider 16 BlackGreen Rare 
Oketra's Avenger Creatures (3/1) Human, Warrior 5 White Common 
Oketra's Last Mercy Spells 24 White Rare 
Ominous Sphinx Creatures (6/6) Sphinx 22 Blue Rare 
Omniscience Supports (4) 17 Blue Masterpiece 
Open Fire Spells 6 Red Common 
Overcome Spells 8 Green Rare 
Overwhelming Splendor Supports (4) Aura, Curse 12 White Mythic 
Pride Sovereign Creatures (4/4) Cat 18 Green Mythic 
Proven Combatant Creatures (1/1) Human, Warrior 7 Blue Common 
Puncturing Blow Spells 10 Red Common 
Quarry Beetle Creatures (5/6) Insect 18 Green Rare 
Rampaging Hippo Creatures (5/6) Hippo 23 Green Common 
Ramunap Excavator Creatures (2/3) Cleric, Naga 9 Green Rare 
Ramunap Hydra Creatures (4/4) Hydra, Snake 16 Green Mythic 
Ramunap Ruins Spells Desert 5 Colorless Uncommon 
Razaketh, the Foulblooded Creatures (8/8) Demon 18 Black Mythic 
Razaketh's Rite Spells 5 Black Uncommon 
Reason//Believe Spells 11 BlueGreen Rare 
Refuse//Cooperate Supports (10) 11 BlueRed Rare 
Resilient Khenra Creatures (2/2) Wizard, Jackal 11 Green Rare 
Resolute Survivors Creatures (4/4) Human, Warrior 9 WhiteRed Uncommon 
Rhonas's Last Stand Spells 7 Green Rare 
Rhonas's Stalwart Creatures (2/2) Human, Warrior 7 Green Common 
Riddleform Supports (2) 7 Blue Uncommon 
River Hoopoe Creatures (3/5) Bird 17 BlueGreen Uncommon 
Ruin Rat Creatures (1/1) Rat 6 Black Uncommon 
Sand Strangler Creatures (3/3) Beast 9 Red Uncommon 
Sandblast Supports (10) 6 White Common 
Saving Grace Spells 6 White Uncommon 
Scavenger Grounds Spells Desert 8 Colorless Rare 
Scrounger of Souls Creatures (3/4) Horror 19 Black Common 
Seer of the Last Tomorrow Creatures (1/4) Cleric, Naga 8 Blue Common 
Shatterstorm Spells 7 Red Masterpiece 
Shefet Dunes Spells Desert 13 Colorless Uncommon 
Sidewinder Naga Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Naga 8 Green Common 
Sifter Wurm Creatures (7/7) Wurm 21 Green Rare 
Sinuous Striker Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Naga 11 Blue Uncommon 
Slaughter Pact Spells 1 Colorless Masterpiece 
Solemnity Supports (3) 9 White Rare 
Solitary Camel Creatures (2/2) 5 White Common 
Spellweaver Eternal Creatures (3/2) Wizard, Zombie, Naga 8 Blue Uncommon 
Steadfast Sentinel Creatures (2/2) Cleric, Human 12 White Common 
Steward of Solidarity Creatures (4/4) Human, Warrior 5 White Rare 
Strategic Planning Spells 2 Blue Common 
Striped Riverwinder Creatures (5/5) Serpent 10 Blue Uncommon 
Struggle//Survive Spells 15 RedGreen Uncommon 
Sunder Spells 14 Blue Masterpiece 
Sunscourge Champion Creatures (2/3) Human, Wizard 13 White Uncommon 
Sunset Pyramid Supports (3) 4 Colorless Uncommon 
Supreme Will Spells 3 Blue Uncommon 
Survivors' Encampment Spells Desert 2 Colorless Common 
Swarm Intelligence Supports (4) 13 Blue Mythic 
Tenacious Hunter Creatures (4/4) Crocodile 19 Green Uncommon 
The Locust God Creatures (8/8) God 22 BlueRed Mythic 
The Scarab God Creatures (8/8) God 27 BlueBlack Mythic 
The Scorpion God Creatures (8/8) God 18 BlackRed Mythic 
Thorned Moloch Creatures (2/2) Lizard 6 Red Common 
Torment of Hailfire Spells 17 Black Mythic 
Torment of Scarabs Supports (3) Aura, Curse 14 Black Uncommon 
Torment of Venom Spells 9 Black Uncommon 
Tragic Lesson Spells 2 Blue Common 
Traveler's Amulet Spells 3 Colorless Common 
Uncage the Menagerie Spells 10 Green Mythic 
Unconventional Tactics Spells 13 White Uncommon 
Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign Creatures (8/8) Sphinx 16 Blue Mythic 
Unquenchable Thirst Spells Aura 2 Blue Common 
Unraveling Mummy Creatures (3/4) Zombie 8 WhiteBlack Uncommon 
Unsummon Spells 4 Blue Common 
Vile Manifestation Creatures (0/4) Horror 9 Black Uncommon 
Vizier of the Anointed Creatures (4/6) Cleric, Human 10 Blue Rare 
Vizier of the True Creatures (6/5) Cleric, Human 12 White Rare 
Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs Creatures (1/4) Wall 7 Colorless Common 
Wildfire Eternal Creatures (4/8) Cleric, Zombie, Jackal 21 Red Mythic 
Without Weakness Spells 3 Black Common 
Wretched Camel Creatures (2/1) Zombie 6 Black Common