A Journey Through History

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A Journey Through History (AJTH)
Type PvE Legacy PvE Legacy
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Nodes 4
Specials Color restriction  PW color-restricted
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (first win on node)
2 XP (subsequent wins on node)
Introduced Dominaria DOM · May 2018 · v2.7
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Event Series
A Journey Through History
Chapter 1 A Nightmare of War
Chapter 2 The Long Cold Darkness
Chapter 3 The Phyrexian Compleation
Chapter 4 Space-Time Catastrophe

A Journey Through History is a four chapter set of PvE events that were launched in May 2018 with the Dominaria set. Each chapter is run as a Legacy PvE weekday event, typically with two events being run in the same week.

Unlike other single-player events without charges, in all events in AJTH, winning on a node you've already beaten continues to earn ribbons. So, for example, it is possible to collect all rewards simply by repeating the first opponent.

A Journey Through History changed from Standard to Legacy in November 2019 (v3.9). Originally, players received a bonus of a particular story-related Dominaria Saga card in their hand on the first turn of each node, but the bonus cards were later removed.

Special rules

The event has the following special rules:

Color restriction Color restriction One or more nodes in this event can only be played by Planeswalkers of a specified color.
Permanent support Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Chapter Chapter name Color restriction Color restriction
Chapter 1 A Nightmare of War BlueBlackRedGreen  Blue, Black, Red, Green
Chapter 2 The Long Cold Darkness WhiteBlackRedGreen  White, Black, Red, Green
Chapter 3 The Phyrexian Compleation WhiteBlueRedGreen  White, Blue, Red, Green
Chapter 4 Space-Time Catastrophe WhiteBlueBlackGreen  White, Blue, Black, Green