Challenge of the Courts

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Challenge of the Courts (CotC)
Type PvP Legacy PvP Legacy
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Placement rewards Individual placement
Nodes 4
Charges 1 initial charges
6 maximum charges
8h recharge time
Specials Color restriction  PW color-restricted
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Throne of Eldraine ELD · Nov 2019 · v3.9
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Event Series
Challenge of the Courts
Part 1 (Green) CotC - Garenbrig
Part 2 (Blue) CotC - Vantress
Part 3 (Black) CotC - Locthwain
Part 4 (Red) CotC - Embereth
Part 5 (White) CotC - Ardenvale

Challenge of the Courts is a five-part series of Legacy PvP events that were launched in November 2019 along with the Throne of Eldraine card set. While some of the events in the series do not require ELD cards to complete their objectives, they have run as Legacy events since the set rotated out of Standard in October 2021 (v5.2).

Special rules

Each event in the series has the following special features:

Color restriction Color restriction One or more nodes in this event can only be played by Planeswalkers of a specified color.
Permanent support Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Part Part name Thematic color Color restriction
Part 1 Challenge of the Courts - Garenbrig Green Green
Part 2 Challenge of the Courts - Ardenvale White White
Part 3 Challenge of the Courts - Embereth Red Red
Part 4 Challenge of the Courts - Vantress Blue Blue
Part 5 Challenge of the Courts - Locthwain Black Black