Role Reversal

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Role Reversal (RR)
Type PvP Legacy PvP Legacy
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Nodes 1
Specials Locked nodes    PW choice locked
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced War of the Spark WAR · Jun 2019 · v3.5
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Role Reversal is a Standard PvP event introduced in June 2019, along with the release of the War of the Spark set.

Once a Planeswalker is selected for the single node, no other Planeswalkers can be selected.

Special rules

Locked nodes Locked nodes Once a Planeswalker has been chosen for a node, it's locked in for the whole event.

The event features an unconventional mechanic: apart from your starting hand and Fetch effects, you effectively play using your opponent's deck. Card abilities and Planeswalker abilities that fetch will draw from the deck you own.

RoleReversal-Support.png Permanent support Permanent support: Role Reversal  BlueRed
Side: Both
  • Whenever a player would draw a card, that player draws from their opponent's library instead.
  • Whenever a player casts a card or exiles a card with full mana from their hand:
    • If that card costs 10 or less, they create a Goblin TokenToken [1/1].
    • If it costs more than 10, they create an Azorius Sphinx TokenToken [4/4, FlyingFlying, VigilanceVigilance] instead.

Node 1

There is no limit to how many times the event's single node can be played.

Objectives Reward
Win the fight!  Win the fight against your opponent.
1Ribbons · 200 Mana Runes


Begins at 3AM UTC and ends 22 hours later, at 1AM UTC. Infinite charges.


Progression rewards Progression rewards (Jun 2019)
Ribbons Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 500 Mana Runes 600 Mana Runes 700 Mana Runes 800 Mana Runes
2 500 Mana Runes 600 Mana Runes 700 Mana Runes 800 Mana Runes
3 1,000 Mana Runes 1,200 Mana Runes 1,400 Mana Runes 1,600 Mana Runes
4 2 Mana Jewels 3 Mana Jewels 4 Mana Jewels 5 Mana Jewels