Ravnica at War

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Ravnica at War (RaW)
Type PvP Block Coalition PvP Coalition
Spacing-horz.pngBlock [OriginsGuilds of RavnicaRavnica AllegianceWar of the SparkCore Set 2020Core Set 2021]
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Placement rewards Individual placement
Coalition rewards Coalition placement
Nodes 3
Charges 1 initial charges
4 maximum charges
6h recharge time
Specials Color restriction  PW color-restricted
Locked nodes    PW choice locked
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced War of the Spark WAR · Jun 2019 · v3.5
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Event Series
Ravnica at War
Part 1 (Green) Ravnica at War: Devastation
Part 2 (White) Ravnica at War: Glory
Part 3 (Red) Ravnica at War: Promise
Part 4 (Blue) Ravnica at War: Revelation
Part 5 (Black) Ravnica at War: Eternity


Ravnica at War is a five-part series of block-restricted coalition PvP events that were launched in June 2019 with the War of the Spark set.

Special rules

Each event in the series has the following special rules:

Block restricted: OriginsGuilds of RavnicaRavnica AllegianceWar of the SparkCore Set 2020Core Set 2021
Cards in player decks are restricted to the following block of card sets:
Color restriction Color restriction One or more nodes in this event can only be played by Planeswalkers of a specified color.
Locked nodes Locked nodes Once a Planeswalker has been chosen for a node, it's locked in for the whole event.
Permanent support Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Part Part name Thematic color Color restriction
Part 1 Ravnica at War: Devastation Green Green
Part 2 Ravnica at War: Glory White White
Part 3 Ravnica at War: Promise Red Red
Part 4 Ravnica at War: Revelation Blue Blue
Part 5 Ravnica at War: Eternity Black Black