Zendikar Expeditions

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Zendikar Expeditions (ZE)
Type PvP Standard PvP Standard
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Entry fee 20 Mana Crystals
Nodes 4
Charges 1 initial charges
4 maximum charges
2h recharge time
Specials Color restriction  PW color-restricted
Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Zendikar Rising ZNR · Oct 2020 · v4.5
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Event Series
Zendikar Expeditions
Part 1 (White) ZE - Ruins of Emeria
Part 2 (Blue) ZE - Basin of Halimar
Part 3 (Black) ZE - Depths of Agadeem
Part 4 (Red) ZE - Trails of Shatterskull
Part 5 (Green) ZE - Canopy of Turntimber

Zendikar Expeditions has five varieties, which are run as daily events during the week. Each variety of the event corresponds to a different colour, and has a thematic secondary objective on all nodes.

Each instance of the event has an entry fee of 20 Mana Crystals.

The Zendikar Expeditions are Standard PvP events, released at the same time as Zendikar Rising, and featuring elements of that set such as Landforming. For example, all of them except Canopy of Turntimber have an objective to form a Party, and three of them have an objective to cast Kicker cards (paying the Kicker cost is not required).

Special rules

Each event in the series has the following special features:

Color restriction Color restriction One or more nodes in this event can only be played by Planeswalkers of a specified color.
Permanent support Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Part Part name Color Color restriction Thematic objective
Part 1 Zendikar Expeditions - Ruins of Emeria White White Meek
Part 2 Zendikar Expeditions - Basin of Halimar Blue Blue Researcher
Part 3 Zendikar Expeditions - Depths of Agadeem Black Black Destroyer
Part 4 Zendikar Expeditions - Trails of Shatterskull Red Red Assault
Part 5 Zendikar Expeditions - Canopy of Turntimber Green Green Recruit