Battle of Four Tribes

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Battle of Four Tribes (B4T)
Type PvE Legacy Coalition PvE Legacy Coalition
Rewards Progression rewards Progression
Coalition rewards Coalition placement
Nodes 3 (x3 sub-nodes)
Charges 2 initial charges
5 maximum charges
8h recharge time
Specials Permanent support  Perma-support in play
Card XP gain 20 XP (all wins on a node)
Introduced Rivals of Ixalan RIX · March 2018 · v2.5
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Event Series
Battle of Four Tribes
Part 1 Battle of Four Tribes: Part 1
Part 2 Battle of Four Tribes: Part 2


Battle of Four Tribes is a two-part series of 3-node Legacy coalition PvE events.

Battle of Four Tribes was originally launched in May 2018, at the same time as the Rivals of Ixalan set, as a single 5-node Boss Health event. In February 2019, the event was split into its current two parts. In late 2019 or early 2020, the event changed from Standard to Legacy.

Neither event has been run since May, 2020.

These events have the following special features:

Permanent support Permanent support
A permanent support affects play on one or more nodes.


Part Name Node theme
Node 1 Node 2 Node 3
Part 1 Battle of Four Tribes: Part 1 Pirates Dinosaurs Merfolk
Part 2 Battle of Four Tribes: Part 2 Merfolk Vampires Azor

Historical Info

Information about the original five-node B4T event can be found at Battle of Four Tribes (historical).