Chandra, Awakened Inferno

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Chandra, Awakened Inferno
Full Name Chandra, Awakened Inferno
Aliases C3
Affinities Red
Origin set Core Set 2020 Core Set 2020
Cost 295 Mana Crystals
Stats (max level)
Health 118
Deck limits Creatures 7  ·  Spells 6  ·  Supports 6
Mana bonuses Icon W.png -2 · Icon U.png -2 · Icon B.png +3 · Icon R.png+7 · Icon G.png +3
Leveling cost 79,920 Mana Runes
Planeswalkers   (Infobox · Data)
Planeswalker series
Chandra Nalaar (human)
Chandra, Roaring Flame C1 Red Chandra, Roaring Flame
Chandra, Torch of Defiance C2 Red Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Chandra, Awakened Inferno C3 Red Chandra, Awakened Inferno


Chandra, Awakened Inferno is a red human Planeswalker, released in October 2019 along with the Core Set 2020 card set.

She has higher than average health, high mana gains with a very unbalanced spread, and average deck limits.

Chandra, Awakened Inferno, sometimes called C3, is the third of three playable Planeswalkers in MtGPQ which embody Chandra Nalaar at different points in her life.


Chandra, Awakened Inferno - level 60
Mana bonus Deck limits Health Leveling cost
White -2 Blue -2 Black +3 Red +7 Green +3 Loyalty 0 Creatures  7 Spells  6 Supports  6 118 79,920 Mana Runes


Starting Deck

Card name Type Cost Color Rarity Set
Repeated Reverberation Missing card data
Rapacious Dragon Missing card data
Maniacal Rage Missing card data
Ripscale Predator Missing card data
Vial of Dragonfire Missing card data 
Meteorite Supports (4) 8 Colorless Uncommon Origins ORI 
Ghirapur Aether Grid Supports (2) 6 Red Common Origins ORI 
Fiery Impulse Spells 4 Red Common Origins ORI 
Cobblebrute Creatures (3/1) 8 Red Common Origins ORI 
Firefiend Elemental Creatures (2/2) 8 Red Common Origins ORI


Right after her first planeswalk, Chandra has come to live on a plane named Regatha, where she has been studying at the Keral Keep monastery in an attempt to learn better self-control and mastery of her powers.

The monastery was founded ages ago around the beliefs of another fire-wielding planeswalker, Jaya Ballard. Her quotes and teachings are the core of the Keep's beliefs, championing personal freedom and individual choice over all other things, as long as one was not infringing on another's rights.