Ajani, Strength of the Pride

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Ajani, Strength of the Pride
Full Name Ajani, Strength of the Pride
Aliases AJ4
Affinities White
Origin set Core Set 2020 Core Set 2020
Cost 295 Mana Crystals
Stats (max level)
Health 103
Deck limits Creatures ?  ·  Spells ?  ·  Supports ?
Mana bonuses Icon W.png+5 · Icon U.png 0 · Icon B.png 0 · Icon R.png +2 · Icon G.png +2
Leveling cost 79,920 Mana Runes
Planeswalkers   (Infobox · Data)
Planeswalker series
Ajani Goldmane (leonin)
Ajani Vengeant AJ1 WhiteRed Ajani Vengeant
Ajani, Unyielding AJ2 WhiteGreen Ajani, Unyielding
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants AJ3 White Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
 AJ4 White Ajani, Strength of the Pride


Ajani, Strength of the Pride is a white leonin Planeswalker, released in October 2019 along with the Core Set 2020 card set.

He has lower than average health, and high mana gains with a slightly unbalanced spread.

Ajani, Strength of the Pride, sometimes called AJ4, is the fourth of four playable Planeswalkers in MtGPQ which embody Ajani Goldmane at different points in his life.


Ajani, Strength of the Pride - level 60
Mana bonus Deck limits Health Leveling cost
White +5 Blue 0 Black 0 Red +2 Green +2 Loyalty 0 Creatures  ? Spells  ? Supports  ? 103 79,920 Mana Runes


Starting Deck

Card name Type Cost Color Rarity Set 
Healing Hands Spells 6 White Uncommon Origins ORI 
Prism Ring Supports (4) 6 Colorless Common Origins ORI 
Stalwart Aven Creatures (1/3) 10 White Common Origins ORI 
Guardian Automaton Creatures (2/2) 10 Colorless Common Origins ORI 
Mighty Leap Spells 6 White Common Origins ORI 
Template:Carddata:AngelofVitality Angel of Vitality {{Template:Card data: Angel of Vitalitys}} Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality [[File:rarity-Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality.png|x16px|link=Card pack#Rarities|Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality]] [[File:Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality_Symbol.png|x16px|link=Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality|Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality]] [[Template:Card data: Angel of Vitality]] Legacy 
Template:Carddata:GodsWilling Gods Willing {{Template:Card data: Gods Willings}} Template:Card data: Gods Willing [[File:rarity-Template:Card data: Gods Willing.png|x16px|link=Card pack#Rarities|Template:Card data: Gods Willing]] [[File:Template:Card data: Gods Willing_Symbol.png|x16px|link=Template:Card data: Gods Willing|Template:Card data: Gods Willing]] [[Template:Card data: Gods Willing]] Legacy 
Template:Carddata:DaybreakChaplain Daybreak Chaplain {{Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplains}} Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain [[File:rarity-Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain.png|x16px|link=Card pack#Rarities|Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain]] [[File:Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain_Symbol.png|x16px|link=Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain|Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain]] [[Template:Card data: Daybreak Chaplain]] Legacy 
Template:Carddata:Soulmender Soulmender {{Template:Card data: Soulmenders}} Template:Card data: Soulmender [[File:rarity-Template:Card data: Soulmender.png|x16px|link=Card pack#Rarities|Template:Card data: Soulmender]] [[File:Template:Card data: Soulmender_Symbol.png|x16px|link=Template:Card data: Soulmender|Template:Card data: Soulmender]] [[Template:Card data: Soulmender]] Legacy 
Template:Carddata:Pacifism Pacifism {{Template:Card data: Pacifisms}} Template:Card data: Pacifism [[File:rarity-Template:Card data: Pacifism.png|x16px|link=Card pack#Rarities|Template:Card data: Pacifism]] [[File:Template:Card data: Pacifism_Symbol.png|x16px|link=Template:Card data: Pacifism|Template:Card data: Pacifism]] [[Template:Card data: Pacifism]] Legacy