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Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest has four in-game resources.

Resource Primary use
Mana Runes Mana Runes Levelling up Planeswalkers
Mana Crystas Mana Crystals Acquiring Planeswalkers and Card packs
Mana Jewels Mana Jewels Acquiring Elite packs
Mana Orbs Mana Orbs Crafting

All resources except Orbs can all be gained in varying amounts from Event rewards, or by purchasing real money offers.

Small amounts of Runes or Jewels are given when all 10 cards in a pre-made planeswalker Deck slot have been acquired.

Mana Runes Mana Runes

Runes are a low value currency used primarily for levelling up Planeswalkers. A small number of Runes are generally awarded for every game played, typically 100 Mana Runes to 200 Mana Runes for a win, and 50 Mana Runes for a loss. Runes are also gained when acquiring a duplicate card.

Fully leveling a single color planeswalker to level 60 costs 79,920 Mana Runes, with higher levels costing increasingly more runes. Dual-colour planeswalker levels cost roughly double, and three-colour or colourless planeswalkers quadruple (with the exception of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, which costs the same as a single-colour planeswalker).

Runes may also be used to purchase extra Deck slots for a planeswalker.

Mana Crystas Mana Crystals

Crystals are a middle value currency used for buying new Planeswalkers to use and Card packs. Single-coloured planeswalkers typically 295 Mana Crystals, while multi-colored planeswalkers typically cost 650 Mana Crystals.

Packs of random cards are more expensive the more cards they contain, their overall cost typically being around 12 Mana Crystals per card.

Crystals may also be used to purchase extra Deck slots for a planeswalker.

Unlike runes and jewels, which may be gained with real money only through limited one-time purchases, Crystals can be bought without limit if a player so chooses.

Mana Jewels Mana Jewels

Jewels are a high value currency with a single purpose: paying for the single-card Elite Packs, in either the 120 Mana Jewels or 400 Mana Jewels variety.

Mana Jewels are more scarce than Mana Crystals, except that Crystals can effectively be traded for Jewels by playing Battles From the Ages; at Platinum Tier, an equal number may be won.

Mana Orbs Mana Orbs

Orbs are spent to craft a non-duplicate card of up to Mythic rarity. Crafting costs depend on how recently the set was released, the mythic cost ranging from 3,000 Mana Orbs (Legacy and Origins cards) to 7,500 Mana Orbs (cards from the newest set).

When a player acquires a duplicate card from any source, the duplicate card is converted into Orbs and Runes.

Once all the non-duplicate Mythic cards in Battles From the Ages are won, subsequent wins give 500 Orbs per entry fee of 100 Crystals.

Card Rarity Converted to
Masterpiece Masterpiece 2,500 Mana Orbs + 2,500 Mana Runes
Mythic Mythic 500 Mana Orbs + 500 Mana Runes
Rare Rare 100 Mana Orbs + 100 Mana Runes
Uncommon Uncommon 20 Mana Orbs + 20 Mana Runes
Common Common 10 Mana Orbs + 10 Mana Runes

An additional 50% orbs (but not runes) are gained for a card from a set which is not yet craftable.