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Puzzle Masters (PMA)
PMA Symbol.png
Released Jan 2021 (version 4.7)
Release notes
Format Standard
ZNR ZNR    ←    PMA PMA    →    KHM KHM
Oct 2020              Jan 2021              Feb 2021
Set mechanics AssembleAssemble
Improved Gem
Lotus Field
Cards 104
Creatures30 · Spells25 · Supports49
Common0 · Uncommon0 · Rare60 · Mythic34 · Masterpiece10
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Puzzle Masters is the 28th expansion set of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, added in January 2021 in version 4.7 of the game. The set abbreviation is PMA, and the set icon (PMA) consists of the set abbreviation in the MtGPQ font.

Like Origins, Puzzle Masters will remain permanently in Standard.

Puzzle Masters is not a main-line card set, and therefore does not impact the rotation of card sets out of Standard format. PMA does not have a corresponding Magic: the Gathering card set release. Its cards are taken from several MtG card sets.

PMA cards are being introduced gradually. Initially, one color was released at a time, along with a new Planeswalker of that color, starting with red (Red) and Chandra, Ignited. Most PMA cards are themed around their color's corresponding Planeswalker and sold in that Planeswalker's "Signature Spellbook" pack. (Some generic Colorless cards are now included in all PMA Planeswalkers' packs.) Further cards may continue to be added to the set in the future.

Colors of Magic is a Standard PvP event released at the same time as PMA. Rewards for CoM include Chandra Anthology packs; similar to the Chandra PMA group of cards, the cards in the Anthology packs are related to Chandra and her story.

Release History

Date Release Colour Cards added Planeswalker
Jan 2021 4.7 Red 9 Chandra, Ignited (Red)
Oct 2021 5.2 Black 9 Liliana, Master of Death (Black)
Jan 2022 5.3.1 Blue 9 Teferi, Chronoclast (Blue)
White 9 Ajani, Invigorate Leadership (White)
Green 9 Nissa, Vital Energy (Green)
Feb 2022 5.4 WhiteBlueBlackRedGreen+Colorless 45
May 2022 5.6 Colorless 14 Karn, Reflective Silver ()


Puzzle Masters currently consists of 104 cards across Rare, Mythic, and Masterpiece rarities.

Puzzle Masters Puzzle Masters   Complete card list [Gallery at mtgpq.info]    
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