Shadows over Innistrad

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Shadows over Innistrad (SOI)
SOI Symbol.png
Released Aug 2016 (version 1.6)
Release notes
Format Legacy Legacy
OGW OGW    ←    SOI SOI    →    EMN EMN
Jun 2016              Aug 2016              Oct 2016
Set mechanics Delirium
Cards 190
Creatures104 · Spells50 · Supports36
Common76 · Uncommon58 · Rare35 · Mythic21
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Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) is the fourth Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest set, released in August 2016 in version 1.6 of the game. The set abbreviation is SOI, and the set icon (SOI) resembles a circular arc with a stylised arrow-head on both ends.

Avacyn's Madness and Terrors in the Shadows are Legacy events (the former PvE, the latter PvP) released at the same time as Shadows over Innistrad, featuring cards and other elements of the set. Before December 2016, Terror in the Shadows was a Coalition event.

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, Nahiri, the Harbinger, Sorin, Grim Nemesis and Tezzeret, the Seeker are Planeswalkers released at the time of the set. All of them have normal mana gains except for Tezzeret, whose is two points lower than a current mono color, at +7 in total. Origins cards are in all of their Starting Decks, but the expansion set following SOI, Eldritch Moon, was the first in which non-Origins cards were added to Planeswalker decks. Probably because EMN was an expansion, Shadows over Innistrad cards were added to the deck of Arlinn, the Pack's Hope, rather than EMN ones.

Emrakul's Corruption, an Eldritch Moon event, gives rewards from SOI. This is because EMN cards are only found in SOI packs. Avacyn's Madness is a SOI event, but gives Eldritch Moon Coalition Rewards; whether purposely or not, the reward makes EMN cards more accessible.


The Shadows over Innistrad set consists of 190 cards across all rarities except Masterpiece.

Eldritch Moon is, according to D3GO, now a "sub-set" of Shadows over Innistrad. All EMN cards were added to SOI packs some time ago, and now can only be found in SOI packs.[1]

Shadows over Innistrad Shadows over Innistrad  Complete card list [Gallery at]    
Name Type Subtypes Cost Color Rarity
Aberrant Researcher Creatures (4/3) Human, Insect 8 Blue Uncommon 
Accursed Witch Creatures (5/3) Human, Shaman 11 Black Uncommon 
Aim High Spells 6 Green Common 
Altered Ego Spells 12 BlueGreen Rare 
Always Watching Supports (3) 11 White Rare 
Angel of Deliverance Creatures (8/8) Angel 16 White Mythic 
Anguished Unmaking Spells 12 WhiteBlack Rare 
Apothecary Geist Creatures (1/2) Spirit 5 White Common 
Archangel Avacyn Creatures (8/8) Angel 18 White Mythic 
Avacyn's Judgment Spells 9 Red Rare 
Avacynian Missionaries Creatures (4/4) Cleric, Human 11 White Uncommon 
Behold the Beyond Spells 15 Black Mythic 
Bloodmad Vampire Creatures (3/1) Vampire 16 Red Common 
Brain in a Jar Supports (3) 8 Colorless Rare 
Breakneck Rider Creatures (4/4) Human, Scout, Werewolf 8 Red Uncommon 
Briarbridge Patrol Creatures (4/4) Human, Warrior 16 Green Uncommon 
Broken Concentration Spells 8 Blue Uncommon 
Byway Courier Creatures (2/1) Human, Scout 7 Green Common 
Call the Bloodline Supports (3) 6 Black Uncommon 
Catalog Spells 4 Blue Common 
Chaplain's Blessing Spells 3 White Common 
Choked Estuary Supports (3) 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Convicted Killer Creatures (2/2) Human, Werewolf 11 Red Common 
Corrupted Grafstone Supports (3) 7 Colorless Rare 
Creeping Dread Supports (3) 14 Black Uncommon 
Crow of Dark Tidings Creatures (2/1) Bird, Zombie 6 Black Common 
Cryptolith Rite Supports (3) 5 Green Rare 
Daring Sleuth Creatures (3/2) Human, Rogue 5 Blue Uncommon 
Dauntless Cathar Creatures (2/1) Human, Soldier 7 White Common 
Deathcap Cultivator Creatures (4/3) Druid, Human 9 Green Rare 
Declaration in Stone Spells 10 White Rare 
Descend upon the Sinful Spells 12 White Mythic 
Devils' Playground Spells 4 Red Rare 
Diregraf Colossus Creatures (2/2) Giant, Zombie 10 Black Rare 
Drogskol Cavalry Creatures (6/6) Knight, Spirit 13 White Rare 
Drownyard Explorers Creatures (1/2) Human, Wizard 6 Blue Common 
Drownyard Temple Supports (3) 9 Colorless Rare 
Drunau Corpse Trawler Creatures (4/4) Zombie 12 Blue Uncommon 
Dual Shot Spells 4 Red Common 
Duskwatch Recruiter Creatures (4/4) Human, Warrior, Werewolf 19 Green Uncommon 
Elusive Tormentor Creatures (2/2) Vampire, Wizard 12 Black Rare 
Emissary of the Sleepless Creatures (1/2) Spirit 7 White Common 
Engulf the Shore Spells 18 Blue Mythic 
Epitaph Golem Creatures (3/5) Golem 15 Colorless Common 
Equestrian Skill Supports (1) 10 Green Common 
Ethereal Guidance Spells 3 White Common 
Ever After Spells 13 Black Rare 
Explosive Apparatus Supports (1) 1 Colorless Common 
Falkenrath Gorger Creatures (4/3) Berserker, Vampire 13 Red Rare 
Farbog Revenant Creatures (1/3) Spirit 10 Black Common 
Fevered Visions Supports (3) 6 BlueRed Rare 
Flameblade Angel Creatures (4/4) Angel 11 Red Rare 
Foreboding Ruins Supports (3) 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Forgotten Creation Creatures (3/3) Horror, Zombie 10 Blue Rare 
Forsaken Sanctuary Supports (3) 11 Colorless Common 
Fortified Village Supports (3) 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Foul Orchard Supports (3) 11 Colorless Common 
From Under the Floorboards Spells 7 Black Rare 
Game Trail Supports (3) 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Gatstaf Arsonists Creatures (2/1) Human, Werewolf 9 Red Common 
Geier Reach Bandit Creatures (6/5) Human, Werewolf 12 Red Mythic 
Geralf's Masterpiece Creatures (2/2) Horror, Zombie 7 Blue Mythic 
Ghostly Wings Spells 3 Blue Common 
Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Creatures (2/2) Human, Rogue 10 Black Common 
Ghoulsteed Creatures (4/4) Horse, Zombie 9 Black Uncommon 
Gibbering Fiend Creatures (3/2) Devil 7 Red Uncommon 
Gloomwidow Creatures (4/4) Spider 14 Green Uncommon 
Goldnight Castigator Creatures (8/16) Angel 8 Red Mythic 
Gone Missing Spells 11 Blue Common 
Grotesque Mutation Spells 4 Black Common 
Hanweir Militia Captain Creatures (6/6) Human, Soldier 12 White Rare 
Harness the Storm Supports (3) 12 Red Mythic 
Harvest Hand Creatures (4/4) Scarecrow 13 Colorless Uncommon 
Haunted Cloak Spells 1 Colorless Rare 
Heir of Falkenrath Creatures (3/2) Vampire 7 Black Uncommon 
Hermit of the Natterknolls Creatures (3/4) Human, Werewolf 18 Green Uncommon 
Highland Lake Supports (3) 11 Colorless Common 
Hinterland Logger Creatures (2/1) Human, Werewolf 12 Green Common 
Hope Against Hope Spells 5 White Uncommon 
Hound of the Farbogs Creatures (4/2) Hound, Zombie 9 Black Common 
Howlpack Resurgence Supports (3) 3 Green Uncommon 
Hulking Devil Creatures (4/2) Devil 11 Red Common 
Humble the Brute Spells 8 White Uncommon 
Indulgent Aristocrat Creatures (2/2) Vampire 12 Black Uncommon 
Inexorable Blob Creatures (3/3) Ooze 11 Green Rare 
Inner Struggle Spells 6 Red Uncommon 
Inspiring Captain Creatures (2/2) Human, Knight 11 White Common 
Intrepid Provisioner Creatures (2/2) Human, Scout 9 Green Common 
Invocation of Saint Traft Spells 12 WhiteBlue Rare 
Just the Wind Spells 10 Blue Common 
Kessig Dire Swine Creatures (6/6) Boar, Horror 24 Green Common 
Kessig Forgemaster Creatures (3/2) Human, Shaman, Werewolf 13 Red Uncommon 
Kindly Stranger Creatures (2/3) Human 10 Black Uncommon 
Lambholt Pacifist Creatures (4/4) Human, Shaman, Werewolf 11 Green Uncommon 
Lamplighter of Selhoff Creatures (1/2) Horror, Zombie 3 Blue Common 
Lightning Axe Spells 3 Red Uncommon 
Macabre Waltz Spells 6 Black Common 
Mad Prophet Creatures (4/4) Human, Shaman 8 Red Uncommon 
Magnifying Glass Supports (3) 5 Colorless Uncommon 
Malevolent Whispers Spells 5 Red Uncommon 
Might Beyond Reason Spells 8 Green Common 
Militant Inquisitor Creatures (1/2) Cleric, Human 4 White Common 
Mindwrack Demon Creatures (7/8) Demon 8 Black Mythic 
Moldgraf Scavenger Creatures (1/3) Fungus 8 Green Common 
Moorland Drifter Creatures (2/2) Spirit 5 White Common 
Morkrut Necropod Creatures (4/4) Horror, Slug 9 Black Uncommon 
Murderer's Axe Spells 5 Colorless Common 
Nagging Thoughts Spells 7 Blue Common 
Nearheath Chaplain Creatures (3/1) Cleric, Human 10 White Uncommon 
Neglected Heirloom Supports (3) 7 Colorless Uncommon 
Nephalia Moondrakes Creatures (6/6) Drake 11 Blue Rare 
Not Forgotten Spells 3 White Uncommon 
Obsessive Skinner Creatures (1/1) Human, Rogue 7 Green Uncommon 
Odric, Lunarch Marshal Creatures (8/8) Human, Soldier 24 White Mythic 
Olivia, Mobilized for War Creatures (8/8) Knight, Vampire 20 BlackRed Mythic 
Ongoing Investigation Supports (2) 12 Blue Uncommon 
Pale Rider of Trostad Creatures (4/4) Spirit 12 Black Uncommon 
Paranoid Parish-Blade Creatures (4/3) Human, Soldier 6 White Uncommon 
Pieces of the Puzzle Spells 8 Blue Common 
Pious Evangel Creatures (4/4) Cleric, Human 8 White Uncommon 
Pore Over the Pages Spells 9 Blue Uncommon 
Port Town Supports (3) 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Prized Amalgam Creatures (2/2) Zombie 10 BlueBlack Rare 
Pyre Hound Creatures (1/2) Elemental, Hound 6 Red Common 
Quilled Wolf Creatures (2/2) Wolf 6 Green Common 
Rattlechains Creatures (8/7) Spirit 18 Blue Mythic 
Relentless Dead Creatures (2/2) Zombie 14 Black Mythic 
Rise from the Tides Spells 15 Blue Uncommon 
Root Out Spells 10 Green Common 
Runaway Carriage Creatures (5/1) Construct 10 Colorless Uncommon 
Rush of Adrenaline Spells 3 Red Common 
Sage of Ancient Lore Creatures (1/1) Human, Shaman, Werewolf 16 Green Rare 
Sanguinary Mage Creatures (1/3) Vampire, Wizard 12 Red Common 
Sanitarium Skeleton Creatures (1/2) Skeleton 9 Black Common 
Scourge Wolf Creatures (4/4) Horror, Wolf 8 Red Rare 
Seagraf Skaab Creatures (1/3) Zombie 5 Blue Common 
Seasons Past Spells 20 Green Mythic 
Senseless Rage Spells 10 Red Common 
Shamble Back Spells 7 Black Common 
Shard of Broken Glass Spells 1 Colorless Common 
Sigarda, Heron's Grace Creatures (7/8) Angel 15 WhiteGreen Mythic 
Silburlind Snapper Creatures (6/6) Turtle 11 Blue Common 
Silverfur Partisan Creatures (2/2) Warrior, Wolf 13 Green Rare 
Silverstrike Supports (1) 9 White Uncommon 
Skeleton Key Spells 11 Colorless Common 
Slayer's Plate Supports (3) 9 Colorless Rare 
Solitary Hunter Creatures (1/2) Human, Warrior, Werewolf 15 Green Common 
Soul Swallower Creatures (6/6) Wurm 10 Green Mythic 
Spectral Shepherd Creatures (4/4) Spirit 7 White Uncommon 
Startled Awake Creatures (1/1) Spirit 6 Blue Mythic 
Stensia Masquerade Spells 11 Red Uncommon 
Stern Constable Creatures (2/2) Human, Soldier 3 White Common 
Stitched Mangler Creatures (1/2) Horror, Zombie 5 Blue Common 
Stitchwing Skaab Creatures (4/2) Horror, Zombie 7 Blue Uncommon 
Stone Quarry Supports (3) 11 Colorless Common 
Stormrider Spirit Creatures (2/2) Spirit 6 Blue Common 
Strength of Arms Spells 3 White Common 
Survive the Night Spells 3 White Common 
Tamiyo's Journal Supports (3) 5 Colorless Rare 
Thalia's Lieutenant Creatures (1/1) Human, Soldier 13 White Rare 
Thing in the Ice Creatures (0/10) Horror 4 Blue Mythic 
Thraben Gargoyle Creatures (4/4) Gargoyle 9 Colorless Uncommon 
Thraben Inspector Creatures (1/2) Human, Soldier 5 White Common 
Throttle Spells 7 Black Common 
To the Slaughter Spells 5 Black Rare 
Tormenting Voice Spells 6 Red Common 
Town Gossipmonger Creatures (2/2) Human 6 White Uncommon 
Trail of Evidence Supports (2) 6 Blue Uncommon 
True-Faith Censer Supports (2) 4 Colorless Common 
Twins of Maurer Estate Creatures (2/3) Vampire 12 Black Common 
Ulvenwald Hydra Creatures (1/1) Hydra 14 Green Mythic 
Ulvenwald Mysteries Supports (2) 6 Green Uncommon 
Uncaged Fury Spells 5 Red Common 
Uninvited Geist Creatures (3/3) Spirit 13 Blue Uncommon 
Unruly Mob Creatures (1/1) Human 6 White Common 
Vampire Noble Creatures (3/2) Vampire 8 Black Common 
Vessel of Ephemera Supports (1) 3 White Common 
Vessel of Nascency Supports (1) 4 Green Common 
Vessel of Paramnesia Supports (1) 3 Blue Common 
Vessel of Volatility Supports (1) 3 Red Common 
Veteran Cathar Creatures (2/2) Human, Soldier 9 Green Uncommon 
Village Messenger Creatures (3/3) Human, Werewolf 8 Red Uncommon 
Watcher in the Web Creatures (1/4) Spider 14 Green Common 
Weirding Wood Supports (3) 5 Green Uncommon 
Welcome to the Fold Spells 11 Blue Rare 
Westvale Abbey Creatures (0/35) 15 Colorless Rare 
Wicker Witch Creatures (3/1) Scarecrow 5 Colorless Common 
Wild-Field Scarecrow Creatures (1/1) Scarecrow 6 Colorless Common 
Wolf of Devil's Breach Creatures (5/5) Elemental, Wolf 18 Red Mythic 
Woodland Stream Supports (3) 11 Colorless Common