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List of Duel Decks events


Duel Decks events consists of three phases.

  1. Challenge Phase: Players play PvE games using provided decks to unlock one or both planeswalkers featured in the event, allowing the planeswalkers to be selected in the Duel Phase.
  1. Duel Phase: Players choose a side by selecting one of the two featured planeswalkers, construct their own deck, and play PvP games to gain victories for their side.
  1. Final Duel Phase: Players continue playing PvP games as in the Duel Phase. A status bar shows which side is winning.

At the end of the event, players on the winning side receive a specific Mythic card. Players on the losing side receive a non-duplicate Rare card.


The first Duel Decks event, Zendikar vs Eldrazi (ZvE), ran as a Beta Test over two weekends in October 2018. The first Beta had charges hit every five minutes, and the second was limited to a charge every six hours. Although the first format was more popular, the second format was used for the general release. A new "refreshed" version of ZvE ran on May 25, 2019 in release 3.4.

No Duel Decks events have yet been created apart from ZvE.