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Duel Decks events pit two pre-determined Planeswalkers against each other, with each player choosing one of the two sides as the event progresses.

List of Duel Decks events


Duel Decks events consists of three phases.

  1. Challenge Phase: Players play PvE games using provided decks to unlock one or both planeswalkers featured in the event, allowing the planeswalkers to be selected in the Duel Phase.
  1. Duel Phase: Players choose a side by selecting one of the two featured planeswalkers, construct their own deck, and play PvP games to gain victories for their side.
  1. Final Duel Phase: Players continue playing PvP games as in the Duel Phase. A status bar shows which side is winning.

At the end of the event, players on the winning side receive a specific Mythic card. Players on the losing side receive a non-duplicate Rare card.


The first Duel Decks event, Zendikar vs Eldrazi (ZvE), ran as a Beta Test over two weekends in October 2018. The first Beta had charges hit every five minutes, and the second was limited to a charge every six hours. Although the first format was more popular, the second format was used for the general release. A new "refreshed" version of ZvE ran on May 25, 2019 in release 3.4.

No Duel Decks events have yet been created apart from ZvE.