Arlinn, the Pack's Hope

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Arlinn, the Pack's Hope
Full Name Arlinn, the Pack's Hope
Transformed Arlinn, the Moon's Fury
Affinities RedGreen
Origin set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
Cost 650 Mana Crystals
Stats (max level)
Health 123
Deck limits Creatures 7  ·  Spells 7  ·  Supports 5
Mana bonuses Icon W.png -2 · Icon U.png +2 · Icon B.png -2 · Icon R.png+5 · Icon G.png+5
Leveling cost 160,720 Mana Runes
Planeswalkers   (Infobox · Data)
Planeswalker series
Arlinn Kord (werewolf human)
Arlinn Kord  RedGreen Arlinn Kord Transforms
Arlinn, the Pack's Hope  RedGreen Arlinn, the Pack's Hope Transforms


Arlinn, the Pack's Hope is a red and green werewolf human Planeswalker, introduced in October 2021 along with the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt card set. She can transform into a werewolf with a different set of Planeswalker abilities.

She has high health, average mana gains with an unbalanced spread, and average deck limits leaning towards creatures and spells.

Arlinn, the Pack's Hope is the second of two playable Planeswalkers in MtGPQ which embody Arlinn at different points in her life.


Arlinn, the Pack's Hope - level 60
Mana bonus Deck limits Health Leveling cost
White -2 Blue +2 Black -2 Red +5 Green +5 Loyalty 0 Creatures  7 Spells  7 Supports  5 123 160,720 Mana Runes


Starting Deck

Card name Type Cost Color Rarity Set
Reckless Stormseeker Missing card data
Kessig Naturalist Missing card data
Purifying Dragon Missing card data
Obsessive Astronomer Missing card data
Arcane Infusion Missing card data 
Call of the Full Moon Supports (2) 13 Red Uncommon Origins ORI 
Might of the Masses Spells 6 Green Common Origins ORI 
Wild Instincts Spells 8 Green Common Origins ORI 
Nissa's Pilgrimage Supports (3) 3 Green Common Origins ORI 
Aerial Volley Spells 1 Green Common Origins ORI


Arlinn Kord's dream of a harmony between humans and werewolves strives further away as Innistrad's nights grow longer and werewolves grow feraler. To protect the humans, Arlinn goes on a quest to restore the day and night balance—not just as a Planeswalker, but as a human. As a werewolf. As the pack's hope.