Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

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Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
Mu yanling.png
Full Name Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
Affinities Blue
Origin set Core Set 2020 Core Set 2020
Cost 295 Mana Crystals
Stats (max level)
Health 117
Deck limits Creatures 6  ·  Spells 8  ·  Supports 5
Mana bonuses Icon W.png +3 · Icon U.png+4 · Icon B.png +2 · Icon R.png -1 · Icon G.png +1
Leveling cost 79,920 Mana Runes
Planeswalkers   (Infobox · Data)


Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer is a blue human Planeswalker, released in October 2019 along with the Core Set 2020 card set.

She has higher than average health, high mana gains with a slightly unbalanced spread, and average deck limits with a focus on spells.


Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer - level 60
Mana bonus Deck limits Health Leveling cost
White +3 Blue +4 Black +2 Red -1 Green +1 Loyalty 0 Creatures  6 Spells  8 Supports  5 117 79,920 Mana Runes


Starting Deck

Card name Type Cost Color Rarity Set 
Drawn from Dreams Spells 14 Blue Rare Core Set 2020 M20 
Spectral Sailor Creatures (3/3) 10 Blue Uncommon Core Set 2020 M20
Winged Words Missing card data 
Convolute Spells 6 Blue Common Core Set 2020 M20 
Anvilwrought Raptor Creatures (2/1) 10 Colorless Common Core Set 2020 M20 
Ringwarden Owl Creatures (4/4) 10 Blue Uncommon Origins ORI 
Disperse Spells 4 Blue Common Origins ORI 
Psychic Rebuttal Supports (2) 6 Blue Common Origins ORI 
Claustrophobia Supports (1) 9 Blue Common Origins ORI 
Negate Spells 3 Blue Common Origins ORI


Amid the sounds of roaring beasts, a crushing wave devoured Mu Yanling's village when she was a child, and she barely escaped with her life. By pure chance, a wanderer named Li Shan was nearby. He saved Mu Yanling and took her in. He raised the girl as family after she lost her own, and his courage always made her feel safe. As they wandered together, she grew stronger, and resolved to be ready if another calamity struck.